UFC 129 Fight Card: Shane Carwin, Demetrious Johnson and More Give Predictions

Jason Schielke@jasonschielkeCorrespondent IApril 27, 2011

So for the past few weeks, Bleacher Report MMA has been full of articles with writers making their picks and predictions for this incredibly stacked card.

But let's be honest here. How knows more about fighting—the B/R MMA writers or the people who get paid to do the butt kicking?

This afternoon, I took some time to hit up some fighters, and some other personalities within the sport, on Twitter to get their predictions on the St. Pierre vs. Shields and Aldo vs. Hominick title fights.

First, here are their thoughts on the St. Pierre vs. Shields fight:

Shane Carwin (@ShaneCarwin)—GSP

Anthony Gutierrez (@Sharkbait816)—Shields

Jason High (@KCbandit)—GSP

James Krause (@TheJamesKrause)—GSP

Phil Lanides (@fightofyourlife)—GSP via dominance

Demetrious Johnson (@MightyMouseUFC)—GSP

Erin McDougall (@iMcDoogs)—GSP

And then we have their predictions on the Aldo vs. Hominick fight:

Erin McDougall—Aldo

Demetrious Johnson—I am going for both guys. I like them both :-)

Phil Lanides—Aldo

James Krause—Aldo

Jason High—Aldo

Anthony Gutierrez—Aldo

Shane Carwin—If any can beat Aldo, Hominick can.

And here are some other thoughts on the fights that they included:

Jason High—I think Hominick has a better chance than Shields.

Phil Lanides—[Aldo and Hominick will be an] entertaining fight of the year candidate.

James Krause—I think both [fights] will be good tho.

So here are is the total tally's:

Georges St. Pierre—6, Jake Shields—1

Jose Aldo—5, Mark Hominick—1, Both Aldo and Hominick—1

So who are you picking? Post your thoughts below or listen to Sprawl N Brawl Radio tonight starting at 7 PM CST, call in and give us your picks!