Eric Mangini: What Is He Thinking?

JerseySenior Analyst IOctober 11, 2008

Welcome to the world Zack Brett Mangini, son of Jets coach, Eric Mangini. You not only share a birthday with Brett Favre; you share his name.

Yes, the middle name "Brett" is indeed a tribute to Brett Favre, and no, it's not because of that happy coincidence of the shared birthday. Mangini had been planning to name his son for Brett since Favre came to Jersey before the season. The birthday thing was, as mentioned nary a moment ago, a coincidence.

Yes. Mangini named his son after his quarterback. And not the quarterback he's known for season after season. No, a new arrival to the team, fresh off a selfish and over-discussed controversy that bruised his deity-like aura—not even a guy who spent a whole offseason getting acclimated to his new team.

No, it's a guy who joined the team after training camp had already begun.

A quarterback legend, sure, but with the Packers, not with Mangini's teams, the Jets and Patriots. But Mangini decided to name his son after him. To paraphrase a comment I read in the Journal News, had the Jets not landed Favre, would the kid have been named D'Brickashaw?

Look, who am I to tell Mangini how to run his life? Clearly, the two already have a magical, inseparable bond. Or something. It just seems awfully weird, and kind of bandwagon-ish. Not quite an Ocho-Cinco stunt, but this is a person's name, something that will stick with him for life. And Mangini chose to name his son after a guy who's played for him for all of five weeks.

When Don Mattingly followed Joe Torre to Los Angeles, Yankee fans were a little puzzled. Mattingly is a Yankee, not a "Torre guy." Mangini is Jet, and now so is Favre. Does that make him a "Favre guy?" Apparently so. Seems pretty quick to me.