WWE Monday Night Raw Preview: The 2011 Draft Is Upon Us

Micheal Robinson@nyyrobinsonSenior Analyst IIApril 25, 2011

Could Batista be returning to the WWE?
Could Batista be returning to the WWE?

Who is going where?

Is SmackDown going to get it's big star?

How will the draft effect the WWE championship belts and the Extreme Rules matches?

All of that and more will be answered tonight at the RBC Center in Raleigh, N.C.

The WWE crew and superstars are back in the United States, fresh off of their overseas WrestleMania Revenge Tour.

The format of the draft will be similar to previous years, with several Raw vs. SmackDown matches and the winning brand getting a draft pick.

The WWE Universe anxiously awaits another draft tonight to "shake things up a bit."

This will be the ninth draft in WWE history, which originally started in 2002, due to the overwhelming number of wrestlers acquired from the 2001 WCW purchase.

While some fans may find the draft boring or stale, I welcome it every year, and this year more then ever.

It's exciting, period.  You don't know what face it will stop on when the fast paced music is playing and a selection is made, it is quite intriguing.  

While some of the draft may be a bit predictable due to fans knowledge for WWE's needs for it's shows, the draft doesn't go without some surprises.

A big surprise could be in store tonight.

I predicted, along with other writers, that WWE's Apex Predator Randy Orton would be headed to SmackDown, where it all began for him.

However, I won't rule out WWE's top face draw and another wrestler who started out on SmackDown to return to Friday nights, John Cena.

Cena has been on Raw ever since he brought the WWE championship over with him as the first overall selection in the 2005 WWE Draft.

It seems like Cena's name is brought up from time to time when the draft is looming.  Earlier this week, I posted the following article: WWE Draft 2011: Is John Cena Being Sent to the Minor Leagues?

Inside the article, I talked about Cena possibly going over to the SmackDown brand, as well as how much the shows success could turn around if it were to become a live show.

Could we possibly be seeing a returning superstar tonight?  SEScoops.com has reported that Batista's run with Strikeforce is over.  Could The Animal return to the WWE sooner then we expect?  Never say never.

It is no question that this entire draft is surrounded by the fact that Edge suddenly retired and SmackDown has a big void to fill.

Between Edge leaving, and Undertaker injured, SmackDown is in dire straits.

I do believe that two big superstars will be headed to SmackDown, while younger superstars trying to get established such as Cody Rhodes and Drew McIntyre, could be drafted to Raw.

One thing we do know, no one or nothing is safe on draft night.

The Bella Twins could get separated, even Teddy Long and the mysterious General Manager could switch places.

The oddest thing I find about both rosters as I look at them, is Vince McMahon is still listed on the Raw roster.  Could his name come up tonight?  You never know.

As far as the WWE Divas go, I think Michelle McCool will be headed to Raw as Lay Cool is practically finished.  I would like to see the Bellas get separated, just so WWE could play off the fact, "they haven't been separated since birth."  I don't know where it would lead to their careers though, what do they have to offer in the ring?  Maybe they can interview backstage.

If you aren't excited for the draft tonight, I have to question your allegiance towards the WWE.

I have been wrong before, but I do believe I will go to bed a happy WWE fan tonight, after a great show and a few surprises.

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