Red Sox- Rays: ALCS Game Two, Bet on Beckett, Right?

Scott StantonCorrespondent IOctober 11, 2008

As time draws closer to the first pitch of ALCS Game Two at Tropicana Field, Red Sox nation sits wondering which Josh Beckett they are going to see take the mound this evening.

Will it be the murderous Josh Beckett who tossed 30 innings in the postseason last year, with a nasty 1.20 ERA. Or will it be the rusty Josh Beckett we saw in Game Three of the ALDS who went a mere five innings and had an atrocious 7.20 ERA.

Sox fans are hoping for Buck-Nasty Beckett to put Boston up by two games as the series heads back to Beantown, and Jon Lester takes the hill in Game Three. Lester has been nothing shy of an animal in the postseason, with an ERA of 0.00 in his last 19.2 postseason innings. Which already has the Boston clubhouse feeling good about Game Three.

Meanwhile, Tampa Bay's newfound fans are praying for ALDS Beckett, so they can hopefully tie the series at one a piece before heading out on the road.

Or has Beckett decided to take to the Vice-President Candidate Sarah Palin strategy?  Give the crowd nothing so the expectations of his performance aren't much more than just showing up to the yard and not tripping over his own feet. I guess that approach would make some sense; it would take a little pressure off his performance and allow him to relax a bit more.

But Dice-K's big win last night should have already assisted a little in that department.

With that question lurking in the back of every Boston, and Tampa Bay, fan's mind, one thing is for certain: Tonight's game will be no walk in the park for either team.