WWE: Wade Barrett or Ezekiel Jackson, Who Will Have the Better Career?

Nate ScacciaAnalyst IIIMay 17, 2011

On this past SmackDown Wade Barrett and Ezekiel Jackson furthered their rivalry and will now face each other at Over the Limit for Barrett's Intercontinental Championship.

But when the dust settles where will these two go next? Both superstars are young enough—Barrett, 30, and Jackson, 33,—to become big stars in the WWE.

Everyone knows that Vince McMahon loves big strong superstars, a profile both of these wrestlers fit. With all the similarities between them, who will have the better career?





Wade Barrett made a quick impact on the WWE when he won Season One of NXT. He and his fellow rookies began to invade the Raw brand and would form the group known as the Nexus.

Barrett seemed to be on top of the WWE at that time. He was a new face and brought his own skills to the table.

Barrett was rumored to be facing The Undertaker at WrestleMania, but the gossip never came to fruition.

Instead, Barrett was moved to SmackDown where he formed a new group known as The Corre.

In the group Barrett captured his first of possibly many WWE Titles when he won the Intercontinental Championship on SmackDown.

Since that time Barrett has become involved in a feud with fellow Corre member Ezekiel Jackson. Jackson has actually been with the WWE for awhile.

Remember The Brian Kendrick? Jackson was his body guard.

Jackson also won the ECW World Championship, the last one to do so before WWE absorbed the brand.


Both Superstars are From the Same Mold


Barrett stands at 6'5'' and weighs in at 260lbs.

Jackson stands at 6'4'' and weighs in at 309lbs.

Obviously, both of these guys are big superstars. Vince has been known to show favoritism to those kinds of guys.

This should mean that both of these superstars will have pretty good careers. But each superstar does have unique skills that set them apart.



Wade Barrett


Barrett is not only strong but he's also fairly charismatic. He works the mic proficiently and cuts decent promos. Barrett has shown that he can be an affective group leader and a good superstar when fighting with numbers on his side.

However, he has yet to prove himself as a dominating force in singles competition. If he can do that then, he will be well on his way to a World Championship.



Ezekiel Jackson


"Big Zeke" is a monster. He is physically dominating and has a definite intimidation factor.

He uses the typical "monster" fighting style, but he still puts his own twist on the moves and brings something different to the table.

His biggest area of concern is mic work. He comes off as awkward and struggles on occasion. One solution is to pair him with a manager, possibly Abraham Washington.



Sunday Prediction


At Over the Limit I expect Ezekiel Jackson to come away with the victory.

Jackson needs the win more than Barrett does. Wade needs to enter the SmackDown main event scene to help out the upper card. He and a returning Chris Jericho would make for some good matches on Friday nights.



Career Prediction


Predicting career's path is a difficult task. Many factors can change a wrestler's storyline. But as of today, Wade Barrett will have a better career than Ezekiel Jackson.

It is a tough choice but I think Barrett's mic work and charisma is much better than Jackson's. Since they are both big imposing characters, whoever has the excels at the non-physical aspects of the craft will be the biggest winner.

In this case it is Wade Barrett.