Local College Students Impart Love of Baseball to Youth

Ryan DonahueContributor IOctober 11, 2008
I wanted to let you know something pretty cool that happened after class on Thursday.  My Public Opinion professor mentioned that he felt baseball represented everything that is good and pure in America (I agree wholeheartedly).  Now, I am always in the mood to play catch so leaving class with that discussion in mind made me really want to play catch when I got home.  None of my roomates were home but our friend Joe had arrived at our place about 30 seconds before I did so he and I decided to go play catch.
When we were outside playing, one of the neighbor kids named Roman ( a 7-8-9 year old boy) came by and was watching us.   After a little while he decided he wanted to play with us.  So there we were playing catch with one of the little neighbor children.  After a short while, four of the neighbor girls (aged between 4-7) came by to watch.  They too wanted to play.  Joe and I stood in the street gently tossing balls to the kids as they threw them to us.  Boy did those kids get a kick out of that!  Honestly my readers, it's amazing that my professor would talk to us about the importance of baseball for children in class only to be immediately followed by my buddy and I imparting the love of baseball to those kids.  In some small way, both of us felt that we made a difference.
I love baseball very much.  It means so much to me on many different levels. 
May the gods of baseball bless you,
R. Church Donahue