NCAA Football Has a New Rule to Put into Place

Steven ResnickSenior Writer IOctober 11, 2008

The NCAA is going to have to reexamine the rule for the penalty for running into the kicker or even roughing the kicker.

In today's Oklahoma vs. Texas game, the Sooners' Mike Knall was back to punt, and a Texas defender jumped to block, barely making any contact with Knall.

There was barely any contact on the punter, and there definitely wasn't enough to knock him to the turf, definitely not enough contact to warrant a penalty.

Yet, since he fell to the turf, acting like he was injured. The penalty flag was thrown, and Oklahoma was able to keep the drive alive and score a touchdown.

The reason the penalty was thrown was because Knall was acting. This is the same issue the NBA is facing, with players flopping to try to get an offensive foul.

Now in football, you're having punters fake like they were being run into, so their offense can stay on the field. Well that's the hope of the acting.

I was watching a 49ers game where the punter tried to get a penalty, but the official didn't buy it for a second. In the NCAA, of course, they'll buy the act.

So, this brings me to my point. Make the running into kicker penalty a reviewable play, too, make sure the punter is not acting.

If the punter is deemed to have been acting, make it a 15-yard penalty. If he's deemed to not have been acting, then it's the same penalty: either running into or roughing the punter.

The reason why it should be such a big penalty is because the NCAA needs to get rid of it, before every punter starts trying to act that way.