WWE Draft 2011: My Picks for Tonight's Event

Craig Holland-GreenfieldContributor IIApril 25, 2011

With all the commotion that’s going on with the draft happening tonight, the one thing I haven’t actually done is give my predictions as to who will be going where.

I’ve mentioned who I think will be fired afterwards, who will breakout and two ways to make it better.

On a forum social site I regularly post on, I attempted to drum up interest in the WWE by starting a thread about it and thankfully got some responses. Someone in that thread asked me who my picks are as to who is going where. I thought about it for a second and gave my choices.

So, without further ado, I will be giving you my choices and short reasons as to why I believe they will change brands.

I will start off with who I think will be going to Raw.

Movers to Raw

Alberto Del Rio – Simply put, the man has an abundance of talent and if anyone needs to be on the main show it’s this guy. With his countless appearances on Raw already, it seems almost a certainty that he will be changing brands. Whether or not he will be going as champion is a different matter.

Personally I would prefer him to not go as champion, but would Vince really let Christian walk away with the title at Extreme Rules?

Rey Mysterio – My main reason for this is because I believe Sin Cara will be moving to SmackDown and they won’t want both men on the same show just yet. I’m also of the belief that the WWE are not yet finished with his feud with Del Rio, using it as a last hurrah in Rey’s long career.

As such, I believe that Cody Rhodes will win at Extreme Rules and end that feud once and for all.

Cody Rhodes However, with this pick to go to Raw, they may very well carry on the feud between this man and Mysterio. I hope the feud ends at ER so that we can see a new feud on Raw.

Cody has been showing himself to be a future main player these past few months. With his new dark persona he has shown a side of himself we never thought we would see. He has become ruthless and psychotic. He has tremendous skills in the ring and is very good on the mic.

With Raw being more story driven, I think Rhodes will be given a chance to shine and prove himself to everybody once and for all. With this move, expect great things in the near future.

Justin Gabriel – With the inevitable break up of The Corre, I believe they will separate them and move two to Raw with the other two remaining on SmackDown.

Whilst not being especially gifted on the mic, there is no doubting his technical ability. This man has more wrestling skill than the majority of the roster and Raw will be a good place to kick start his singles career.

I know Gabriel and Heath Slater are a tag team, but it will be those two that are kept apart so that they can both go their own way on different shows. With Slater being the lesser of the two, Gabriel is the obvious choice to move. I still think Slater is good, just not as good.

Ezekiel Jackson – The big man of The Corre and self confessed leader. He is a powerhouse in every sense of the word and is a genuine threat to anyone who steps in to the ring with him.

He might not be the greatest of wrestlers, and is average on the mic, but I think Wade Barrett will remain and Zeke will go.

My main reason for him going to Raw is the splitting of The Corre. They could even set him up to feud with Vladimir Kozlov once he returns from injury fully-fit.

Jack Swagger —My last pick for Raw is another superstar who regularly makes appearances on the show he’s not meant to be on. With Michael Cole looking to stay on Raw as the “voice of WWE” I think Swagger will be situated there full-time.

Whether he is there as a heel, aiding Cole; or as a face, after turning against him at Extreme Rules, I definitely think he will be a permanent fixture.

He might even receive a push for a title once the dust has cleared, we never know.

Movers to SmackDown

Randy Orton – This is the move everyone believes will happen. With SmackDown  in need of a face to replace the retiring Edge, and with the WWE not having faith in Christian, they will be looking to Orton to take over the show.

I’d prefer him to stay on Raw and give someone else a chance to rise to the top on SD, but we all know he is a spotlight hogger so nothing more needs to be said.

Daniel Bryan – With the B show being more about wrestling, Bryan would benefit massively from a move over. Being one of the best ring workers on either roster, he is not given enough chance to shine and it is primarily because of his poor mic skills.

A move to SmackDown where he can challenge for a belt is the best move for him, unless the company wishes to lose a major talent in the near future.

Michael McGillicutty – With his rumoured repackaging coming to nothing, he has little to do in the New Nexus. Lately, along with The Corre, Nexus has been buried to no end.

If he is to show anything of himself, he needs to do it on SmackDown to showcase his wrestling ability, as his mic skills leave little to be desired. Along with CM Punk, he is the only member with a degree of talent but isn’t given the pedestal to showcase it when in a group.

I think he should be moved to SmackDown and repackaged under a new gimmick straight away.

Sheamus – Unless he drops the United States Championship before the new rosters take effect, then this move may not happen at all. With the Intercontinental Champion looking unlikely to move, having both mid-card championships is not going to happen.

Since his reigns as WWE Champion ended, he was buried and then given the King Of The Ring to win. Unfortunately, this was the catalyst for his destruction and he went on an epic losing streak until winning the US Championship from Bryan.

Being stuck in the mid-card is not the right move forward with Sheamus as he has talent and is a genuine threat. He needs to move to SmackDown to get himself on the ladder once more.

Sin Cara – As stated with Mysterio, he can’t be on the same show so with a Mysterio move to Raw, he will have his move to SmackDown.

With his lack of English, he wouldn’t need to speak and can further showcase his dazzling moves to the cheer of the crowd.

Another point for this is that with SmackDown being taped, there is less pressure on him to perform to perfection and he won’t be so nervous. The best move for him is to be on SmackDown for the next year, and if he gets used to the way it is done in the WWE then they could move him back to Raw in the 2012 draft to great effect.

Ted DiBiaseWith Ted being on an epic losing streak that few can match, you would think he would have been gone from the company by now.

But being the son of a legend, The Million Dollar Man, probably stands in his favour and is one of the few reasons he is still employed.

He does have some ability in the ring, but with there being nothing for him to do but be a jobber to everyone and their grandmother, he needs to move.

If he moves to SmackDown he will get a chance to put the spark back that he needs in order to make something of himself. With less pressure as well, he would be able to showcase his talents, as with others I have picked.

The Miz – Naturally, I pick the Awesome one for last. If Del Rio does indeed move over to Raw, then there will be a need for a major heel on SmackDown and Miz is the only one who can fill such a large void.

Depending on who wins the World Heavyweight Championship will depend on whether or not he retains, if the move is to happen. Obviously, the two major titles can not be on the same show. If Del Rio wins, expect Miz to retain.

Having little to no superstars to beat on Raw, SmackDown will present some new challenges for him. I know the WWE doesn’t like heel on heel, but a feud with Wade Barrett to be the top heel of SmackDown will be a great thing for both men.

It would be one of those few times where the fans don’t know who to root for and could very well end up with a face turn for either man. With both playing the heel role so well, this may not be likely yet. However, I feel both have the talent and mic skills to be a face without issue and I could see either one getting over with the fans in a huge way.

Apologies if all the pictures bother you, but the psychologist in me believes in visual stimuli to maintain interest in long pieces of information.

That’s all for my draft picks. If you agree or disagree I would love to hear your opinions.

Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed yet another draft offering from me.


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