The Heisman Hype: Is it overrated?

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The Heisman Hype: Is it overrated?
The Heisman trophy is part of College Football tradition, but how relevant is the Heisman trophy? Would you take more pride in the number of Heisman trophy winners your school has produced or the number of National Championship trophies your school won? Since 2000, USC has three Heisman trophy winners, but only one BCS National Championship trophy. LSU has two BCS National Championship trophies and no Heisman trophy winners. In fact, LSU has not even had a Heisman trophy candidate in the running since 2000.

In fact, if we go back to 1990 the SEC only has 2 Heisman trophy winners and both were quarterbacks from Florida. Do you honestly think the SEC has not produced players who were more worthy than Eric Crouch or Jason White? It is suppose to be given to the best player in College Football but it is given to the player who plays for a program that invest in marketing the player.

This year LSU’s running back Charles Scott is a legit Heisman candidate yet he is eighth on ESPN’s Experts Poll. Can you argue that Michigan State’s running back Javon Ringer is better than Charles Scott? Sure you can, but in reality Charles Scott is an all around better running back. Charles Scott should be mentioned in the top five if you are going to discuss the best players in College Football.

If the best College Football player in 2008 is going to be awarded the most prestige award in the land, at this point in the season the top five should be as followed.

Chase Daniel

Sam Bradford

Charles Scott

Knowshon Moreno

Colt McCoy

What does this list say about College Football? The SEC and Big 12 is in a league of their own, but this is a topic for another day. The Heisman trophy is overrated and I don’t care what conference your team is in I am sure you would agree with me when I say give me the crystal ball any day over the Heisman trophy.

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