No Pacman, No Problem?

Ben KnoeckContributor IOctober 11, 2008

Everyone knows about Adam "Pacman" Jones and his refusal to take part in anything remotely viewed as acceptable. He gets drunk, walks/runs/jogs/drives to a public location, and "acts a fool." This isn't so much of a problem for other athletes, because their boys don't roll with guns as long as their arms. But does it even matter if Pacman is on the field to gobble up stray balls?

If the first quarter of the season has shed any light on the man, we found out he can sell tickets, get beat deep, and still make highlight shows just for stepping on the field. Is Pacman worth all the effort, and money J. Jones is throwing at him? I think not.

The Cowboy defensive secondary has zero interceptions this season. That zero comes from a group of DB's that was hyped all off-season for their lock-down abilities. They can throw Mike Jenkins, Adam "Pacman" Jones, Terence Newman, Anthony Henry, and Roy Williams.

How do you have zero interceptions with this many "studs" in your secondary? I understand they have some injuries, but come on. They have been beat deep by every team they have played, including the Bengals and Browns.

This brings me to question the talent of Pacman. Simply put, he doesn't do anything on the field but draw camera attention. He gets beat deep, beat short, draws pass interference penalties.

I don't understand where all the hype came from. He wasn't good with the Titans. A couple interceptions, nothing special. A couple punt returns for touchdowns, nothing special. Yet, he gets talked about like he's the missing piece in the Cowboys puzzle that is a Super Bowl ring. I don't buy it. Come January, no Pacman will be no problem.