WWE/TNA: Why I Despise and Adore the so-Called "Internet Wrestling Community"

LewisAnalyst IIIMay 4, 2011

WWE/TNA: Why I Despise and Adore the so-Called "Internet Wrestling Community"

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    Sometimes I love you guys other times I can't stand you guys.

    You're probably bashing me right now as you sit at home on your computer. "Son of a b..." or "the Mother....." you probably be thinking and with good reason.

    Once this slide show concludes, you'll see why I love and hate you guys.

    Thanks for taking the time to read this, it means a lot. 

Love: You Are Committed to Guys Who "Deserve" a Push

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    The majority of us want this picture to be true, and all of us see it drifting slowly away.

    I love how we always want new guys in the Main Event picture and more so for guys whom we feel "deserve" a shot.

    Sports Entertainers like Christian, John Morrison and Shelton Benjamin were/are guys we always wanted to see be pushed to Main Event stardom, but to be truthful, who would you sacrifice?

    Imagine you're back to the time when Edge and Christian just broke up. Who would you have pushed to the spotlight, Edge or Christian?

    Or another example is who would you pick as the winner of the respected matches at Extreme Rules? John Morrison winning the Triple threat match for the WWE Title or Christian for the World Title?

    We always want to see new talent in the main event which leads me to the following slide. 

Hate: Why Bash R-Truth When He Got a Spot in the WWE Title Match-Up?

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    Nearly everyone on this website was horrified by the fact the R-Truth was in the WWE Title match. People were making articles on "Why he shouldn't be in it." 

    WWE gives you a new face in the main event, just as we wanted, but most of you were bashing Truth till the latest Monday Night RAW in which he lost his spot. 

    Quite Frankly, I would have preferred Truth in the match making it a fatal four way. Truth can handle the status of main event-ing, but on the other hand Morrison is a great performer in his own right.

    It just would be quite boring when it comes to hyping up the match. When he does a promo (face), I would rather stare at a bucket of ice melting away, but I'll give credit to Morrison, as he can do decent mic work as a heel.

    People always complain that WWE aren't giving the fans what they want and when WWE did, you spat in their face.

    Can Someone actually give me a respectable answer as to why you hated R-Truth in the match?

Love: You Think You Can Do a Better Job in the Creative Aspect

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    Some people love to bash the Writers. We always bash them (myself Included), and we rarely ever give them a good showing on this site.

    We always say how we can do it better or how to improve a storyline, I love that. It shows our passion for when something looks or sounds horrible.

    The Sheamus scenario: Well, for those who haven't heard, the infamous rumors are of Kevin Dunn (a higher-up WWE executive) bluntly pushing Sheamus down the card due to his strong dislike for him. 

    Many articles have stated how to help Sheamus and his current dip in form, but unless he moves to Smackdown, many of us can't see a great leap to the top any time soon.

    The Bellas, for as good looking as they are, their in-ring skills aren't as good. 100s edit that, 1000s of articles have been produced all over the web on how to improve the divas section of the largest Sports Entertainment brand.  

    I like to think the majority of divas are decent in the ring, but they are just unable to show it. How many times have we bashed Cena about his moveset? 

    Cena is able to do more in the ring but WWE just doesn't allow it similarly with the divas. Divas can put on decent matches (as seen on Superstars) due to the time they have. On Raw and Smackdown they get 4 minutes at best, Not even Kurt Angle and Shawn Michaels can do much in that time.

    Look at the Laycool match with Natalya and Beth Phoenix at the TLC event in 2010, they provided us with a great match all because they had the time to do it.  

Hate: You Think You Can Do a Better Job in the Creative Aspect

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    On the previous slide - I stated why I love it.

    This time it's why I hate it.

    If you think you can do a better job in the creative department, Why not go and do it?

    There is a job offer for creative writer right now: http://www.wwe-careers.com/wwe/jobboard/JobDetails.aspx?__ID=*AC5F80BAD409E322.

    If you think you can do such a great job in that aspect of the business, why didn't you get a degree in film, drama or media studies, get the other requirements and get your candy-ass down to the WWE Corporate site for job offers?

    The plain and simple fact is that we can't do the job of the WWE creative staff.

    Sure, we have great ideas for storyline and brilliant thoughts on how to improve something but seriously though, how many of us could do all of that and please everyone?

    So instead of saying you can do a better job just say you improve on some of their ideas. 

Love: TNA and It's Originals

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    I love our love for the TNA originals, these are the guys who put TNA on the map as the best wrestling company out there. Well I say best because WWE are a "Sports Entertainment" corporation nowadays.

    AJ Styles, Eric Young, Petey Williams, Somoa Joe.....you know the guys. 

    We support these guys more than "The" legend of Pro Wrestling, Hulk Hogan

    We can't stand how the Hogan era in TNA corrupted the TNA: The six-sided ring, the high flyers of the X-Division and the slow rotting of the TNA Knockout division. 

    That's what we used to love about TNA; the Difference.

    Now TNA is just a budget lite WWE.

    Or in the words of Daniel Bryan on NXT, "A poor man's replacement." 

Hate: The Way We Turn on Our Favorite Stars

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    When the Rock went to the movies - many of us hated the guy for turning on us, thus many of us turned on him. We always get that he is one of the best mic workers in history, but people didn't hold him in such high respect until his return.

    All of the people who bashed him for the way he turned his back on us were probably the guys screaming and hollering like girls when they heard the reformed version of his music hit.

    Rock isn't the only guy.

    Kurt Angle is completely disrespected by WWE Fans. They call him a reject and old timer but as soon as a rumor even links him to WWE, I guarantee there will be thousands of views on it.

    Here is a later case of Sting and the current TNA champion right now, when he was rumored to be the feature of 2/21/11 (http://bleacherreport.com/articles/592984-2212011-why-its-not-the-undertaker-returning-to-wwe).

    Many of us rejoiced in hopes of Sting's coming to WWE, but as soon as Undertaker exited the curtains to the ring, people were once again bashing him as a reject within minutes, saying that he can stay at the reject stronghold of TNA.

    Why do we turn on our once heroic, favorite stars of Wrestling? 

Love: The Way We Prefer Mid-Carders to Main Eventers at Times

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    Dolph Ziggler, John Morrison, Jack Swagger, Drew McIntyre, Kofi Kingston, Daniel Bryan, Cody Rhodes and many others.

    These are the mid-carders we claim are the stars of tomorrow for WWE, and sometimes we prefer them than the stars of today.

    I love it.

    With our desire for seeing their faces in the main event, often seeing them as mark over mid-card guys, we don't give a (cue Ron Simmons) DAMN about John Cena or Randy Orton, we want to see John Morrison Vs. The Miz at Wrestlemania.

    ****Spoiler about World Title****

    We love to see new faces in the title chase but in WWE it usually revolves around Randy Orton or John Cena, and they just happen to be World Champions at the moment.

    ****End of Spoiler****

    We all thought after the WWE 2011 Draft, we would see the start of new stars, yet we haven't seen any potential push.

    We don't it expect anytime soon either, with Randy Orton ruling Smackdown and John Cena on RAW, why would WWE do it?  If anything I would expect a push on RAW rather than Smackdown as Randy Orton has been known as the "Legend Killer" and the "Career Killer." He has already ruined Christian's run.

    We're all never happy with the main event scene and we'd love to see new faces. Well, the IWC team of new faces mean "Mid-card push." The WWE's term of new faces in main events mean "look anywhere except WWE" (Sheamus, Alberto Del Rio).

Hate: The Disespect Some Wrestlers Get Due to How They Are Broadcasted on TV

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    "What am i implying with this title?" you may ask.

    For all the "Smarks" out their who claim to understand WWE inside and out, some of the comments you make don't make sense.

    As Al Snow said once:

    “The most oxymoronic term out there is a ‘smart-mark’. Just doesn’t exist. Because how can you be smart at something – knowing somebody is lying to you, while actually believing the lie. It’s a term created by fans who believe they’re on the inside of something that they’re not really on the inside of. They’re not a part of the business because they don’t have a real stake in it.” Source SESscoops.com

    The William Regals, Goldusts and Mark Henrys of the business are the guys who work their asses off for years and a Randy Orton comes by and becomes the youngest World Champion.

    I don't love Randy Orton nor do I hate him, to me he is just there. In my eyes, he is a good worker but sometimes quite overrated by WWE and the IWC. 

    I say this because Mark Henry is someone who is constantly bashed all year round as being a slow sucker and more recently a waste of a draft pick, but continues to work his ass off to achieve the ultimate dream of becoming World Champion.

    Just look at this video and see his emotions run wild: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3GJf5hwVk4Q

    When he talks, he talks about his weight. Tears drop from his eyes and he explains he's still intent on becoming a World Champion even at 39, soon to be 40 years old. Thats the dedication guys like Christian and Henry have. They still dare to dream on the pinnacle of pro wrestling success. 

    Randy Orton is an 8 time World Champion at 31 and John Cena a 10 time World Champion at 34 years of age.

    From WWE television - John Cena is seen as a 5 trick pony as he regular does 5 moves, Cena can do much more (as Seen by his monkey flip on John Morrison). Cena can do moves but WWE doesn't want him to as kids are more likely to remember 5 moves rather than 1004.

    Although many people on here and other websites bash John Cena 24/7 about it and its all because of what you see on television.

    William Regal is always being said to be highly respect by the IWC so why is it he has 62677 twitter followers whereas Daneil Bryan has 101192 and The Miz with 235585 followers?

    It's the power of what WWE showcases on tv.

    William Regal is among the greatest Wrestlers never to hold a WWE World Title something that people who have abilities that aren't as good as Regal - people like Dolph Ziggler got a few minute run as World Champion in the books and even a triple crown champion.

    If you follow the books - you would think Ziggler is a better performer than Regal ever was which is untrue in my view.

    Ziggler is great but Regal has more of my respect and isn't in his prime can still keep up wiht the top dogs in the ring and on the mic.

    Another 'Should Have' been World Champions in WWE is Carlito - the comments he gets on twitter are disgraceful.

    "@carlitocolon u ever goona wrestle again?or ur new gig is to tweet and bitch?" Taken from a few days ago

    another claims "@carlitocolon Ur wwe career really sucked. I think you should stick with ripping out carpets and doing plumbing:)" 

    The so called 'Smart Marks' or  'Smarks' think their in the inside of the industry but they are still being fooled on whats presented to them on television.

    Randy Orton = Greatness


    Cena = 5 trick pony

    Mark Henry = Slow, old and boring man.

    Carlito = WWE Reject and isn't on television.

    People get these thoughts from whats on the television program they watch - Orton is seen as a 'Stone Cold II' and Cena with five moves.
    Carlito is doing pretty good in Mexico and Puerto Rico but as many only see him in WWE eyes - they feel he is nothing. 

    The power of television of the 'Smarks' still continue.

    ****When I speak of the Smark marks, it's not everyone****

Love: The IWC and Their Love to Debate.

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    **** Please no hate comments about this****

    When Micheal Cole mentions anything about the IWC - I usually disagree with him.

    He often says the the IWC love Daniel Bryan.

    Many of the IWC feel Bryan is main event material and I am one of the few people who feel he is massively overrated.

    I say such things because I feel it's true seeing him in WWE. As someone who saw a rare amount of prior WWE matches - I was trusting the IWC in claiming he is 'The Best' at what he does but when he came into WWE - he hasn't really shown much of this greatness.

    Sure he is a good in-ring performer but besides that every single thing about him bores me to death. From his entrance to his United States Championship reign, he has had a lackluster career from what people claimed he would become.

    He is just doesn't fit into WWE - he hasn't shown much character and seems to know to much about in-ring performances and not enough out side.

    Hopefully he can do great on Smackdown and show character but in a few years from now - if he hasn't improved on the mic, I feel he will be out.

    The reason i'm expressing my feelings on Bryan is because I know for a fact someone will say ' Hey! F**K you and stop bashing Bryan' in the comments

    And thats what I love about the IWC - Debates.

    Weather its about who deserves a push or who should be released - we always have a word to say.

Hate: Who We Perceive as 'Legends'

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    Do You know who this Icon is?

    This man is the sole reason for Entrance music as he was the first to use one.

    This man is the the creator of gimmicks/persona as he was the first to use one.

    This man was so Entertaining , he inspired Mohammed Ali and James Brown to.

    This man is behind claims he sold many of the televisions during the the early years if television.

    This man is considered as the man who put Wrestling on Television.

    Do you know who he may be?

    Before Hulk Hogan - The biggest draw in Professional Wrestling has been said to have been this man - his name is Gorgeous George.

    I wouldn't be surprised if you didn't know him or much about him as he is sparely spoken about on Wrestling sites around the world.

    You may think i'm overrating this guy, don't believe me? Listen and watch the Great Mohammed Ali speak highly about him

    Fans of Pro Wrestling often cite Shawn Micheals, Ric Flair and Hulk Hogan as some of the best in the industry we love.

    However when these debates occur Gorgeous George is rarely ever spoken about and that strikes a chord within me.

    John Cena, before him it was Shawn Michaels, before him it was Hulk Hogan before Hulk Hogan - Gorgeous George was viewed as the biggest draw the industry saw. 

    This guy was able to get millions of fans coming to live events and viewing from home due to the amount of heat he was able to generate. People wanted to see him get beaten and that was the magnificent power he was able to hold.

    He would ask his valet to spray his hands with perfume after touching items and when he got into the ring - he demanded the referee to hold his hands out to be throughly sprayed with perfume/disinfectant by his valet before searching for illegal objects.

    Lou Thesz stated "George couldn't draw a fan until he became Gorgeous George" and that is true in some cases.

    Sexton Hardcastle was another Wrestler but Edge is a Hall of Fame Candidate.

    Oz was nothing until he was Diesel/Kevin Nash.  

    I'm not saying Gorgeous George was the best - Their is no Wrestler who was the best.

    Shawn Michaels was the best in ring performer.

    Ric Flair is considered the best mic worker.

    Hulk Hogan is considered the industry's biggest star.

    And in my eyes - Gorgeous George was the best heel.

    WWE is currently making a DVD about Gorgeous George

Hopefully Your Enjoyed My Slide, Thanks for Reading and Become a Fan If You Like

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    This picture hopefully accepts me into the IWC again....

    Post a comment or two - i'm always up for a discussion ...... or conflict - well that's what the IWC is about right? Debate.