Fantasy Baseball Waiver Pickups 4/24: Jed Lowrie, Scott Cousins & More

Jeff MansContributor IIIApril 25, 2011

SEATTLE - SEPTEMBER 13:  Jed Lowrie #12 of the Boston Red Sox bats against the Seattle Mariners at Safeco Field on September 13, 2010 in Seattle, Washington. (Photo by Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images)
Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images

The wheel in the sky keeps on turning and so does your leagues waiver wire.  MLB players are surging up and down the ownership rankings as everybody digs in to correct all of our draft-day mistakes. 

Players like Brad Emaus, Kyle Drabek and Zach Britton have cooled off and are landing back on the free agent market, while guys like Jed Lowrie, Matt Joyce and Daisuke Matsuzaka are all of a sudden in high demand.  The most important decisions you make in fantasy baseball is when to hold them and when to fold them. 

This weeks Waiver Flavor not only lets you know who you should target out on the waiver wire, but who they should be replacing on your roster.  A couple of the names are obvious, but keep reading my friends as there are a few players on this list who will be a part of many fantasy baseball championships this season. 


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Full Season Additions


1) Jed Lowrie,  2B/SS, Boston Red Sox (Owned in 58 percent of leagues)

Just about everybody is hip to good ol' Jed by now, and although I cannot stress enough that this hot streak will not continue for much longer, he has always been a serviceable hitter whose only problem has been staying healthy.  Being able to pickup middle infielders with 15-plus HR potential and 80-plus run potential just doesn't happen and probably will not again this season. 

The Red Sox will find at-bats for Lowrie even when he cools down and he will have at least one more streak in him later on this season as well.  I strongly recommend Lowrie not only as a use and refuse candidate, but a guy who should be locked into your rosters for the long haul.  His potential exceeds that of Placido Polanco, Neil Walker and Aaron Hill—thus Lowrie deserves the roster spot more than these and quite a few other middle mediocre middle infielders. 


2) Mitchell Boggs, Closer, St. Louis Cardinals (Owned in 37 percent of leagues)

Boggs has been named the new closer for the Cardinals, and the way both he and Ryan Franklin are pitching, it is unlikely that he will give up these reigns anytime soon.  Every season there are relief pitchers who just hit a groove and cannot be hit, and that certainly appears to be Mitchell Boggs this season. 

When guys like Boggs breakout, it is important to understand that sometimes previous stats, scouting reports and "expert" opinions don't mean squat.  Must I remind you of the names Jeff Zimmerman, Cliff Pollitte and Evan Meek?  Go ahead and google their one-year breakouts and try and tell me that Boggs isn't worth a roster spot on your team. 


3) Cody Ross, Outfield, San Francisco Giants (Owned in seven percent of leagues)

Ross is always an underrated fantasy player and, this season, provides a unique opportunity for us to pickup a player who has hit over 20 HR in every season in which he's had a over 460 at-bats.  Ross will hit home runs, he will drive in runs and he will come at a bargain basement price of free if you pluck him from the waiver wire right now.  While other guys in your league are waiting on players like Vernon Wells, Luke Scott or Brett Gardner, Ross will be racking up HR, RBI and runs for your team. 


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Ride 'Em Out

4) Scott Cousins, Outfield, Florida Marlins (Owned in one percent of leagues)

I guarantee that Scott Cousins is available right now in your league.  The injury to the red hot Logan Morrison has opened up the doors for Cousins to be the Marlins starting left fielder on most nights.  Cousins provides a steady bat for your fantasy team and he has been a very streaky hitter throughout his professional career.  When he is hot he can carry a team and provide very good HR and RBI numbers. 

This is a good short-term add for teams that have been bitten by the injury bug already in this young season.  Cousins can outperform other available players such as Magglio Ordonez, Marlon Byrd and Josh Willingham so don't overlook his name when searching through the free agent market this week. 

5) Ty Wigginton, 1B/2B/3B, Colorado Rockies (Owned in 18 percent of leagues)

Say what you will, but Wigginton always seems to wind up in the starting lineup of whatever team he is playing for.  This time he is in Colorado, surrounded by terrific players and in a prime position for fantasy success, as the teams starting third baseman. 

He has plenty of pop in his bat and is not afraid to produce in tough situations, making him an even more valuable asset to the Rockies and fantasy leaguers alike.  Wigginton's multi-position eligibility makes him more valuable than guys like Omar Infante and Juan Uribe who also play several positions but do not possess as good of a bat. 

6) Danny Espinosa, Second Base, Washington Nationals (Owned in 12 percent of leagues)

Espinosa does a little of everything and thus there is a lot to like about the young second baseman.  With so many middle infielders either injured or struggling, a steady force like Espinosa could do a wealth of good for your fantasy team right now. 

I'm expecting a jump in his power production, as well as some steals coming from Espinosa in the next couple of weeks.  When the Nats get Zimmerman back and Werth starts hitting again, it will open up more opportunities for the rest of the lineup and Espinosa will be right in the middle of this run. 

7) Ryan Madson, Relief Pitcher, Philadelphia Phillies (Owned in 37 percent of leagues)

Another closer has gone down with an injury, and this time, it is Phillies acting closer Jose Contreras.  Contreras will have an MRI on a banged-up shoulder but has already been placed on the disabled list leaving Madson to pitch the ninth for the time being.  Madson is a very capable body to hold down this job for awhile, and since there will be plenty of opportunities to save games in Philadelphia, he is a fantastic pickup right now. 


One-Week Wonder

8) Bartolo Colon, Starter, New York Yankees (Owned in seven percent of leagues)

I watched Colon's last start against the Blue Jays and was quite impressed with the snap of his curveball and the running sink on his fastball.  He looks as good as he has since 2006, and with two very winnable opponents this week in the White Sox and Blue Jays, he is a prime two start candidate for this week.  I wouldn't put a lot of faith in Colon as far as the entire season goes, but he can be a difference maker in this Yankees rotation for awhile. 


Jeff Mans is a co-host of The Fantasy Alarm Show on SiriusXM Fantasy Sports Radio, the Senior Writer at Fantasy Alarm and a contributor to Bleacher Report.