WWE Trying to Create Something from Nothing: The JBL Affect

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WWE Trying to Create Something from Nothing: The JBL Affect
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In my eyes it's pretty apparent that the WWE is at a cross-road, and they are installing a full fledged youth movement.

Over the course of a little more than a year the WWE has lost superstars such as Shawn Michaels, Batista, Chris Jericho, and most recently Edge to retirement.  Superstars like Triple H and the Undertaker are still around; however they are not the players they used to be and won’t be again.

Even though the WWE has a plethora of young and exciting talent many of them have failed to get over, or haven't even been pushed yet.  There is no doubt that many of these up and comers will eventually be stars, but right now may just not be their time.

Now that the 2011 Draft is complete the WWE certainly did shake things up a bit.  They are going to try to create some new and exciting rivalries while pushing the young talent.  This isn't necessarily a bad thing, but may not be needed at this time. 

The young talent is going to develop, but there's no need to rush it.  The WWE booking team just needs to open their eyes a little bit more.  Instead of being so hell bent on shoving the new talent down our throats, and making us like them, they need to utilize what they already have.

Let's rewind seven years to 2004.  The WWE was in a similar situation, they were lacking stars and main-event talent.  Orton, Batista, Cena were the new young and eager talent at the time, but they weren't over yet.  The WWE needed a "Super Heel" desperately on SmackDown, so they created one.

They reached into their bag of tricks and pulled out a name nobody ever saw coming. 

They took a guy who had been a cowboy on more than one occasion, a thug for the Undertaker, and the muscle of a tag team and created arguably one of the greatest heels of all time that walked the squared circle.

In a time of desperation they created JBL, and not only would they revive him from mid-card limbo, but he would become one of the longest tenured WWE champions of all time.

This could easily be done again by the creative team.

The IWC is always full of great and innovative ideas.  However the majority of the time the banter is always about how the young talent should or could be inserted into the main event picture.  Stars like John Morrison, Daniel Bryan, Cody Rhodes and Drew McIntyre are always at the forefront of the discussion, just to name a few.

I'm an old school fan though.  I like a lot of the new talent, but I think the WWE should take a much different approach.

The following slideshow is going to list five mid-card guys like JBL once was, that could be transformed into another "Super Heel" with a little effort. 


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