New York Knicks: 5 Moves They Need to Make This Offseason

Chris HaydukCorrespondent IIApril 24, 2011

New York Knicks: 5 Moves They Need to Make This Offseason

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    After clearing my mind following the Celtics' sweep of the Knicks, I began to think about the moves that New York needs to make during this upcoming offseason.

    Obviously, as they are currently constructed, this team cannot compete for a championship. The Knicks have many problems that were exposed during this series, such as the inability to defend and the lack of a center to anchor the paint.

    The Knicks' management is going to need to address these problems if they are going to turn the team into a contender next year.

    The success of this offseason will determine the future of the Knicks, and this is what I think the solution to New York's problems are.

5. Keep Mike D'Antoni

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    Whether the Knicks should keep Mike D'Antoni has been a topic of debate since he joined the team three years ago. Although it seems like more and more people are beginning to take the opinion that he should be fired, I still believe that he is the right coach for the Knicks.

    With his patented offense, which is extremely effective at breaking down opposing defenses, and his postseason experience, he is an extremely valuable asset who should not be let go.

    He does have his faults, such as not putting enough emphasis on defense, but these can be fixed rather easily.


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4. Renegotiate Chauncey Billups' Contract

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    Chauncey Billups has an outrageously large $14 million team option on his contract for next year.

    After being hurt for much of his time with the Knicks, it is clear that he is not worth this kind of money. However, he still deserves to be offered a contract by the Knicks, possibly somewhere in the range of $6-to-8 million.

    His veteran leadership is worth a lot, and he could teach Toney Douglas how to more effectively run the point guard position. But we need cap space to sign other players, which brings me to my next point.


    Edit: The Knicks picked up his team option for next year.  I'm not sure it was the right move; we'll have to wait and see.

3. Sign a True Center

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    The Knicks are sorely lacking a post presence, and this offseason is their chance to get one. With free agents including Marc Gasol, Tyson Chandler and DeAndre Jordan, they have a wealth of centers to choose from.

    If they are going to vault themselves into the Eastern Conference's elite, they need someone who can guard the likes of Andrew Bynum and Dwight Howard.

    Hopefully they can obtain one of the three players I mentioned before. It would be a huge boost for them in the two departments that they need the most help in: interior defense and rebounding.

2. Hire a Defensive Assistant Coach

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    The Knicks are desperately in need of someone to orchestrate their defensive sets. Mike D'Antoni isn't getting the job done, although he is doing an amazing job on offense. He needs to give up all control over the defense and become more of an offensive coordinator than a pure head coach if the Knicks are going to be successful.

    Hopefully they can hire someone like Mike Brown, who was often criticized in Cleveland for only coaching defense and neglecting to coach their offense. With a mindset like this, he would be the perfect assistant for Mike D'Antoni. They wouldn't step on each other's toes since they focus on two different parts of the game. It's like a match made in heaven.

1. Extend Donnie Walsh's Contract

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    This may seem like the most obvious move to make this offseason, but Donnie Walsh's position is somehow in jeopardy after he did the job that most people thought was impossible.

    He unloaded the gigantic contracts that Isiah Thomas accumulated during his tenure and acquired two perennial All-Stars.

    If James Dolan does not extend his contract and brings back Isiah Thomas, it is our duty as Knicks fans to run him out of town.


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    As you can see, this Knicks team still has its work cut out before becoming a contender.  However, they definitely have the potential to get there, and they should be there by the time next season rolls around.

    Don't be surprised to see them finish in the top four of the Eastern Conference next year as they make their way towards the ultimate goal: making it to and eventually winning the NBA Finals.