2011 NFL Draft Rumors: Latest Draft Buzz For All NFC Teams

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2011 NFL Draft Rumors: Latest Draft Buzz For All NFC Teams

The NFL Draft is just days away now and rumors are beginning to run rampant across the web.  Every NFL team is looking for the next star player that can help it catch up to the Green Bay Packers to become best in the league.

With the NFL in the midst of its first lockout since 1987, teams are being forced to address their offseason needs via the draft instead of having a free agency period before the NFL Draft.

Unfortunately, for NFL fans, there is a chance that this is the last NFL Draft that we will see as the NFLPA appears to be looking to get rid of the draft. According to the USA Today, Roger Goodell made the following statement about the NFLPA lawsuit:

"They're challenging fundamental aspects that have made the league successful and popular with the fans. They're going after the draft, as an example, pursuing the draft as illegal. They're pursuing free agency restrictions as illegal. They're pursuing aspects of the salary cap as illegal. That's what they're saying. We don't believe that."

If the NFLPA gets what it wants, the NFL will look quite different next year.  This could be the last year that fans are able to read up on draft rumors involving their team, so with that in mind, here is the latest buzz around the web on all of the teams in the NFC.

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