The 50 Most Intimidating Players in Soccer

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The 50 Most Intimidating Players in Soccer
Jamie McDonald/Getty Images
You almost feel sorry for whoever he is looking at

The act of intimidation is to cause a person with otherwise "normal" sensitivities to crap their pants and be thrown off their stride. While this may have a greater effect in the NFL, Rugby League or ice hockey due to the physical nature of those sports, it is nonetheless a factor in soccer.

While the game has moved past its roots of physical, almost gladiatorial combat, there are still those who are able to strike fear into the hearts of the opposition.

Sometimes this is simply due to the way they look. Other times because of the physical nature of their style of play. And don't forget, some players are just dirty, sneaky players who will get under your skin no matter what you're made of.

History has seen many such figures, and some are still playing the game today.

These can be managers who terrorize players in the dressing room and the dugout. Goalkeepers who are so unnerving as to throw forwards off their game. Defenders who will chop your leg off as soon as tackle you. Midfielders whose idea of a 50-50 challenge is to come in with their studs aimed at your head. Forwards who smash anything in their path to get to the ball.

In order from the dugout to the spearhead of attack, here are 50 imposing figures from history that have left their mark on the game, as well as in the conscience.

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