Living in the Past: A Message to Seattle Supersonics Fans

Tyler TinsleyContributor IIIApril 24, 2011

As you might have noticed Saturday night, a group of Seattle Supersonics faithful showed up behind the Oklahoma City Thunder bench for Game 3.  Showing off their green and yellow, fans cheered enthusiastically and showed off their old colors for the world to see.  While they were more than welcome to be there, there was only one problem with their appearance: They were cheering for the NUGGETS!

Seattle fans, we understand your pain.  You lost your team after 41 years of basketball in an ugly, unpredicted manner.  You were, and still are, shocked and hurt by the transgressions of three years ago.  That's the thing though, it was THREE YEARS AGO! 

Please, while we all understand you are still mad at all involved in the process (Clay Bennett, Howard Schultz, David Stern), do not take it out on your old team!  It is not Oklahoma City's fault that your team was taken away.  To see a Seattle Supersonics fan blatantly rooting for Denver, simply because he is still bitter at the move, makes your city look pathetic and sad.  After all, it is not fair to blame OKC players or citizens/fans for the move that occurred.  Blame your former owner in Howard Schultz who bailed on your city and your franchise.

That being said, we hope your city gains another franchise at some point!  Your city proved itself worthy of an NBA franchise and will be rewarded with an expansion team at some point down the line (since your city would hardly accept a relocated franchise). 

Until then though, stop stereotyping and throwing insults because it makes your city look petty and childish.  Citizens of Oklahoma City are tired of hearing people from Seattle stereotype Oklahoma City as being "redneck" or "inbred" because, well, it's not true.  It has been three years and it is time to move on.  Stop living in the past and recognize that your old franchise has been placed in good hands in Oklahoma City.