Ohio State Buckeyes: The Forgotten Team?

Jeff SandbergContributor IOctober 10, 2008

Oh, how quickly everybody has forgotten about "The" Ohio State Buckeyes. All the hype and buildup before the USC game. Another chance to get respect from the national media and all the fans. Yet a 35-3 defeat put an end to all that. 

Enter Terrelle Pryor. What a change this team has gone through in just three short games since the debacle at USC. With Pryor as the starting quarterback, they seem to be playing with much more confidence, an assurance that was never there with Todd Boeckman as the starter. They take the field knowing they are going to win with Pryor as opposed to being pretty sure they will win when Boeckman was the starter. 

How easy did it look when Pryor took the Buckeyes down the field against Wisconsin in Camp Randall for the winning drive? There was no panic, but an assurance that they knew they were going to score and win the game. Sorry Todd, but that drive would have never happened with you at quarterback.

Is it just me, or does it seem like Pryor is a clone of Vince Young? From the similar throwing style to how he seemingly runs in slow motion yet no one can catch him, to the confidence he gives off when he walks on the field. Just thought I would throw that out there. 

Don't look now, college football fans, but the team we all love to hate will be back next year, if not this year, all thanks to Terrelle Pryor. With their toughest game left on their schedule, Penn State in Columbus, don't be surprised to see the Buckeyes in the Rose Bowl, maybe even the national championship for a third straight year, if the ball bounces their way.