Whats With The Flat-Headed Russian Freak?!?!

Legendary XContributor IOctober 10, 2008

Vladimir Kozlov, or as I call him F.H.R.F (flat headed Russian freak), recently has been coming out beating up the gods of Wrestling and interupting the finishing moves done on him.

10-10-08, Smackdown's own Undertaker, came out as an interference to Triple H's and Big Show's Title match, chasing Big Show backstage and leaving Triple H in the ring. Until F.H.R.F came out and started beating the hell out of Triple H. Jeff Hardy comes out then to save Triple H from the Russian Freak. In the end, the F.H.R.F. sadly ends up screaming and yelling the camera man away from his ugly face and ending the show.

As I've also noticed F.H.R.F. has strange white underwear. He looks like a f'n baby for god's sake! I mean come on even the wrestlers I hate have better tights then that a-hole. I bet that if you took a side head shot of Randy Orton and Vladimir Kozlov, F.H.R.F would be Randy Orton's long lost Russian Baby!

Ever since he first came out on Smackdown to ruin the shows,I feel F.H.R.F. doesn't deserve a title shot or the right to show his fat-white ass on the Pay-Per-View, Cyber Sunday, if he will that is. This Freak...is a freak and anyone who likes him SUCKS!

~the only thing Sarah Palin can see from Russia is F.H.R.F's head and white Baby Underware!~

Anyone who likes F.H.R.F. is considered un-patriotic and should move to Russia!