Top 10 Things Overheard At The Trop Last Night

andy millerCorrespondent IOctober 10, 2008

10: So this guy manages our team and announces Monday Night Football?
9: I think it is a dumb rule. I say, if the guys playing catch over on the sidelines catch the ball, it should count as an out.
8: Hey Tampa Bay Rays...that kinda rhymes!
7: Even though this Pena guy grew up in Boston, they still allow him to play for our team? I bet Boston is ticked off about that one!
6: How come it does not make that pingy sound like the bats do at little Timmy's Pee Wee games?
5: Even though we lost, it is amazing we made the playoffs in our first year!
4: What are those big, long yellow poles way out there on that fence for? They could get in the way of one of those long hits.
3: If I only have worn this hat for a few hours, do you think that vendor guy will let me return it?
2: Do you think this cowbell would get anything on eBay?
1: C'mon, you have to be joking. That guy's name cannot be Evan Longoria!