WWE Draft 2011: Why Randy Orton Would Benefit from Joining SmackDown

No NameContributor IIIMarch 1, 2017

As Monday's surprise draft approaches, the dominant online discourse revolves around SmackDown's apparent need for top calibre Superstars to enhance the quality of the "Blue Brand." The name making the rounds in the IWC as most likely to cross over, is that of "The Viper", Randy Orton.

The majority of reports centre on the thought that SmackDown needs Randy Orton. This article will suggest that it is actually Randy Orton that would benefit from a move to SmackDown.

Randy Orton is arguably the most over face in WWE today, with the majority of the crowd behind Orton every time he makes his way down to the ring. However, Orton is very much the number two in the good-guy ranks of WWE, coming in second to the polarising cash cow that is John Cena. There would be a strong case to the argument that Randy Orton is the Macho Man to John Cena's Hulk Hogan.

In a perfect world, WWE would be able to have Orton and Cena coexist on the same show without one clearly playing second fiddle. Yet, this is not indicative of WWE in 2011, a company that struggles to showcase an unhealthy majority of it's roster.

A move to SmackDown will give Orton the opportunity to carry a show as the top face, something he has yet to do in his storied career. A move to SmackDown will give Orton the opportunity to expand and develop his already uber-popular predatory persona. With more focus on Orton, he would have to show more personality than he has in recent months, otherwise the audience may tire of the cold and calculated act. It is not like the personality is not there. Looking back on his career, past interviews or even following him on Twitter illustrates this point. The "I hear voices in my head" shtick somewhat limits Orton as a character.

Furthermore, carrying SmackDown will earn Orton even more credibility than he already has. In a manner similar to Batista between 2005-2008, time away from the "A show" will enable Orton to come back as a bigger star down the road.

Whether this move will happen is yet to be seen. WWE have a penchant for going against what the pesky IWC speculates. Whether Orton is drafted or not, it is scary to think that after nine years in WWE and seven world titles, Randy Orton still has untapped potential.

Randy Orton is only 31 years old. As wrestlers go, he is still young and likely has his best years ahead of him. Orton is often compared to Steve Austin for a number of reasons. It is interesting to note that Steve Austin was not Stone Cold until he was 30. When considering what he has already accomplished in his career at 31, it is very possible Randy Orton could become the megastar the IWC and his peers have tipped him to be.

Maybe a switch to the "Blue Brand" will assist his ascent to greatness.


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