City of Brotherly Love Shows Respect and Honor to Phillies' Families

Alex MillerContributor IOctober 10, 2008

How many articles have been—and will be—written about this will come close—if not outnumber—the ones written on the victory today.

Early on Friday, the morning of Oct. 10, Phillies manager Charlie Manuel learned that his mother, June Manuel, 87, passed away from a heart attack that occurred on Oct. 7.

He took his heavy heart to the clubhouse and watched batting practice. Besides canceling his pregame press conference, he went about his usual routine. One look at Charlie's face showed his mind was clouded, but his attention was still with the team. The fellow team members, fans, staff, and personnel all gave him their sympathy and condolences.

As he walked to home plate umpire Jerry Meals to make a double-switch, Meals offered his condolences to Charlie, who casually took them and went on with business. Brett Myers stated in a postgame interview that he gave Charlie a hug before the game and said that he was winning this one for June. He lied not, as he was granted with the "W."

After they went back to the clubhouse following the victory, Shane Victorino learned that his grandmother, Irene Victorinio, 82, had passed away earlier that day. His father did not want to tell him until after the game, and kept to that. Victorino stated, "I hope she was watching from above." He also said that he believed it was the spirits of both June and Irene that brought the Phillies to Friday's victory.

Again, the people of Philly treated this with a heavy heart. One fan was quotes as saying "As a fan of the team, I feel like a member of the family of every player and respond accordingly. We are all affected."

The people of Philly, and the world of baseball give their prayers to June Manuel, Irene Victorino, and their families. God bless.