WWE Draft 2011: A Look Back at the Success of Last Year's Major Shake Up

Al Constable@AlBleacherSenior Analyst IApril 24, 2011

WWE Draft 2011: A Look Back at the Success of Last Year's Major Shake Up

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    So another year, another draft. WWE's annual shake up of the roster continues once again but with that said how successful was last years roster change?

    We saw some big names and some minor ones swap brand but in the end their actions over the year pretty much prove if their drafting was a success.

    Without further wait lets look at 2010's draft picks and see how successful they really were.

1) Kelly Kelly to SmackDown

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    On Raw Kelly Kelly was just another pretty Diva on the WWE roster.

    Most times she would tag with the current top face of the Diva's division, sometimes she compete in singles action and occasionally she would receive a title match.

    The move to SmackDown has improved her standing somewhat. In the past year she was given a storyline with Drew McIntyre. Whilst it went nowhere it still a good deal more than non-title holding Divas get. She also had a title match on PPV.

    At the moment she has resumed her previous role but is defiantly a strong candidate to eventually become Diva's Champion.

    Success? Partially.

2) Big Show to SmackDown

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    Big Show is one of the regular members of the draft as he always seems to be switching brands. His year on Raw had seen him feud with John Cena (losing every time) and win the Tag Team Championship twice (once with Chris Jericho and The Miz).

    The move to SmackDown saw him turn face and challenge for the World Championship unsuccessfully for two consecutive PPVs. He has also become more dominant in recent months as he barely loses any matches.

    Last week he captured the Tag Team Championship again with Kane thus changing my original rating of Partial Success to Complete as he has once again become a relevant member of the WWE roster.

    Success? Yes.

3) John Morrison to Raw

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    The Guru of Greatness was the staple for the mid-card of SmackDown before being drafted. He was Intercontinental Champion for a period of time and received a couple of World title matches.

    His move to Raw pretty much brought more of the same success albeit with out any championships. He has slowly been making the transition to main event star with an upcoming PPV shot at Extreme Rules alongside John Cena and The Miz.

    Some backstage behaviour issues has taken his momentum off the rails a little but despite this he has been one of the most highlighted wrestlers of the year thanks to his Parkour exploits.

    Success? Partially.

4) R-Truth to Raw

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    Before moving to Raw, R-Truth, was mid-card fodder. He would pretty much beat all the people below him in the pecking order and lose to everyone who was above him.

    Occasionally he would be required to fill the numbers in a World title Elimination Chamber or major tag team contest but overall he was pretty firm in his position.

    The move to Raw hasn't really changed anything although he has picked up a United States Championship reign along the way. It lasted two weeks, but at least it was something.

    He turned heel last week and lost out on a major championship opportunity but it looks like something may be in the works for Truth after a few years waiting.

    Success? Partially.

5) Edge to Raw

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    Edge was drafted only a few months after returning from his Achilles heel injury. He was on a face run that wasn't getting over with the fans but he was given a title match at WrestleMania.

    Instead of trying to make his face run work WWE decided that, along with a move to Raw, a heel turn might help settle him back into the main event scene.

    A lackluster feud with Randy Orton later and Edge was once again lost in the shuffle. He was only used as part of multi-man main events and booked to be an odd face/heel hybrid. Not before long he was traded back to SmackDown.

    Success? No.

6) Kofi Kingston to SmackDown

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    Much like R-Truth, Kofi on Raw was mid-card fodder but showed showed signs that he could rise above mediocrity within the system.

    After upsetting Orton however, he was pushed back down into line. A trade for SmackDown was his chance to break into the main event.

    This never happened as since the last draft he has been stuck in the mid-card once again.

    There have been some perks (such as two Intercontinental Championship reigns) but in the end they have amounted to nothing more than obstacles for his opponents to overcome and gain credibility.

    Success? No.

7) Christian to SmackDown

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    To be honest it was never going to be hard for Christian to achieve more on SmackDown than he did on Raw. For a year he was part of the ECW roster and only joined the red brand after the Land of Extreme was discontinued.

    Christian looked destined for upper-mid card duties after a feud with Alberto Del Rio but an injury to his pectoral muscle actually helped his career along. In the mean time Del Rio became a top contender and Edge became World Champion.

    Getting involved in their WrestleMania match has opened the door for Christian. Whether I can call this a success or not depends on next Sunday's result but I would still say he has made some progress from the move.

    Success? Partially.

8) Chris Jericho to Raw

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    When it comes to a man like Chris Jericho his success is hard to measure. How does one become more successful when they have won everything there is to win?

    Jericho's year on SmackDown basically saw him win a Triple Crown as he became World Heavyweight, Intercontinental and Tag Team Champion.

    Being on Raw was never going to increase his career prospects. On the other hand he helped craft Wade Barrett into one of the top heels in the company (even if it only lasted for a short while) and was pretty much the best guy on the mic all year around.

    Despite his rather bleak final match against Orton, which saw him written out of WWE programming, he did a lot to put over wrestlers when they needed a big win.

    Success? Yes.

Supplemental Drafts

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    Now for the drafts WWE didn't care enough to mention on TV.  For each superstar I will explain their situations in a few of sentences.

    The Great Khali and Ranjin Singh to Raw

    SmackDown: Mid-card filler/sideshow.

    Raw: Pretty much the same role. Missing most of the year.

    Success? No.


    Chavo Guerrero to SmackDown

    Raw: Best Jobber 2009/10

    SmackDown: Jobber that barely appeared. Now an NXT pro.

    Success? Partially.


    Cody Rhodes to SmackDown

    Raw: The third man of Legacy.

    SmackDown: One of the best developing heels currently in WWE.

    Success? Yes.


    Natalya to Raw

    SmackDown: Valet to the Hart Dynasty.

    Raw: Diva's Champion.

    Success? Yes.


    Chris Masters to SmackDown

    Raw: This guy was on Raw?

    SmackDown: The John Cena of Superstars. Actually got wrestle at a PPV.

    Success? Partially.


    Ezekiel Jackson to Raw

    SmackDown: Injured.

    Raw: A walking squash match. Traded back to SmackDown after few apperances.

    Success? No.


    Goldust to Raw

    SmackDown: An ECW left over.

    Raw: Surprisingly popular mid-card talent. Competed in a PPV match.

    Success? Yes.


    Hornswoggle to SmackDown

    Raw: Annoying little man whose sole purpose is to entertain the kids.

    SmackDown: Annoying little man whose sole purpose is to entertain the kids.

    Sucess? NEVER.


    Rosa Mendes to SmackDown

    Raw: Beth Phoenix's fan.

    SmackDown: That girl with a jump rope backstage.

    Success? No.


    The Hart Dynasty (David Hart Smith and Tyson Kidd) to Raw

    SmackDown: A bland heel tag team.

    Raw: A bland face tag team that became champions and then split up.

    Success: Partially.


    MVP to SmackDown

    Raw: A decent and under used mid-carder who started strong and faded as the year went on.

    SmackDown: He left a few months later to wrestle in Japan.

    Success? No.