WWE Draft 2011: Raw and SmackDown, Who Goes and Who Stays?

Zoe Eyvelisse@@kooleystonerContributor IIApril 23, 2011

WWE Draft 2011: Raw and SmackDown, Who Goes and Who Stays?

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    Hey Bleachers! It's been a while since my last article and since the 2011 WWE Draft is only two days away, I figured what would be a better topic to talk about?

    I've compiled a list of my choices for possible moves and who they would be feuding and/or teaming up with.

    All comments are welcomed!

    Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy!

From Raw to SmackDown

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    I chose eight people to be drafted from Raw to SmackDown. Here they are.

Randy Orton

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    I feel like Randy Orton has faced just about everyone on the Raw roster and his feud with CM Punk is pretty much over.

    He should be drafted because he needs some new people to feud with and he can become the face of Smackdown.

    The only con for drafting Orton is that there aren't any major titles on Smackdown besides the Intercontinental Championship and even with that, Orton would have to once against battle Wade Barrett.

    I mean it could work because it's with different circumstances but I'd personally like to see Orton vs. McIntyre in a match.

    And besides fighting for the Intercontinental Championship, in the next slide, you'll see another person Orton's been up against that could possibly be making his way to the blue brand.

The Miz and Alex Riley

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    The Miz and his boyfriend, no wait, I meant assistant, no no I mean apprentice, oh wait, he was fired from being an apprentice, right?

    Well whatever Alex Riley is, he and the WWE Champion The Miz could possibly be on their way to Thursday nights and here, hopefully The Miz can really shine and give the WWE Universe a reason why he's champion.

    On SmackDown, The Miz can feud with Christian. And before you jump on me, here me out.

    I have been a lifelong Peep of Christian but the IWC and I all know damn well that Vince is not going to put the WHC on Christian.

    They're doing a good job of building Christian up to win with all the run ins he's had with Alberto Del Rio since Edge's retirement but you'll see why Christian should feud with The Miz to remain in the title scene in my ADR slide.  

    Another feud The Miz could be featured in is with Drew McIntyre.

    I have no clue as to why McIntyre isn't champion right now so when The Miz comes over, McIntyre should show him why he's dubbed The Chosen One.

Zack Ryder

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    As apart of the Zack Pack, I can only see that being on Raw is not where Ryder should be.

    Ryder should be drafted to SmackDown because Fridays are the nights you can really see the younger stars being featured.

    Here he can feud with Cody Rhodes.

    Why you ask?

    Well I can see Rhodes dragging this "deformed" gimmick for a while and who better to target next than pretty boy Zack Ryder from Long Island?

    It's almost too perfect.

    With Cody improving slowly on the mic and gaining heat, Ryder's charisma can shine through the mic as well. Neither one of them are that bad in the ring so it should be a fairly interesting feud.

    What harm could Zack Ryder do to Smackdown anyway? I mean Zack Ryder = Ratings.

    Woo Woo Woo You Know It!

Evan Bourne

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    If anyone is in need of a different scenary, it has to be poor little Evan Bourne.

    He's being wasted on Raw in squash matches and has never really been in the title scene so he's remained in the mid card where he doesn't belong.

    I'm not saying he can main event just yet and I can't recall him ever being on the mic so all we really have to work with is his impressive in ring moves.

    If he's moved to SmackDown, he could team up with Mysterio or even Baretta and just represent for the little guys.

    If there's ever another MITB match, he'd fit right in.

    Oh and future WWE Tag Team champ? I could definitely see it happening.

Eve Torres

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    Before I even go on, can I just say that daaaaaamn Eve looks good as hell in this pic.


    Okay but back to the topic at hand.

    I feel like Eve should be drafted to Smackdown and not only that but I think she should be turned heel.

    On Raw, she's been the Divas Champ already and has pretty much been in the ring with every one of the Divas.

    Now she needs to head over to Thursday nights and gain some type of attention—heat in this case—and build herself up more.

Ted DiBiase Jr.

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    I know Evan Bourne's twitter is @FindEvan but can someone please go and find Ted? He's been MIA, hasn't he? Exactly.

    This is the exact reason why he should be drafted to SmackDown. There he can start fresh and put himself back on the radar because he can be used so much better than he is.

    His storyline relationship with Maryse is pretty much over since she's chosen NXT over him so he's been lost in the mic card world for too long now.

    On Smackdown, he could turn face and feud with Cody Rhodes, Drew McIntyre or Wade Barrett for the Intercontinental Championship.

    I could really see him and McIntyre going at it and Kelly Kelly being the reason why. Drew had no luck with Kelly so here comes DiBiase to scoup her up.

    Not only will it piss Drew off but it could also upset someone else (see my last Raw to SmackDown draftee).

Jimmy and Jey Uso

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    The Usos. Another tag team forgotten about.

    Tamina left them for Santino (I'll forever remain clueless for that one) and they slowly faded into the background.

    I read rumors about WWE Creative wanting to break them up but this would be almost as bad as breaking up the Hart Dynasty so I hope Creative changes their mind and drafts the twins to SmackDown.

    Here they can feud with Justin and Heath with the winners taking on The Big Show and Kane, who in case you haven't already found out, are the new Tag Team Champions.

    I wrote that with the only frown on my face but anyway.

    The twins need to stray away from Raw as quickly as possible and start fresh on Fridays.

    Aren't they just adorable though?

Last but Not Least: Maryse

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    Now I know I said Eve's photo had me distracted but Maryse has me damn near speechless.

    Although she's just a one-dimensional Diva, I feel like she needs to be drafted to Smackdown and get away from the same old matches she's been in.

    Am I the only one who's tired of seeing her slap and flip her hair in front of Eve, Natalya, and Melina?

    She should slap, DDT and flip her hair on Smackdown where she can find some fresh blood to chastize.

    For example, she could feud with Kaitlyn (if she'll ever be used again) or Kelly Kelly, which should bring you back to the Ted DiBiase Jr. slide.

    With Brie defending the belt on both brands, Maryse can put herself back into the title scene and dominate Friday nights as the champ.

From Smackdown to Raw

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    I chose six people to be drafted from SmackDown to Raw and I'll just say this from now; the last three of them are completely irrelevant.

    Smackdown has a pretty decent roster but just like Raw, they too need some new feuds.

    Here we go.

Alberto Del Rio and Brodus Clay

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    There are rumors that WWE Creative is planning to switch The Miz and Alberto del Rio as champions (which means that Christian will not win, sad face).

    Alberto del Rio can clearly main event because of his growing popularity (heat wise) so on Raw, he could feud with John Cena (obviously) or CM Punk for the World Heavyweight Championship.

    I personally want to see CM Punk as Champion. 

Beth Phoenix

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    Beth Phoenix isn't getting anywhere on SmackDown and recently she was on Superstars and we all know what being on Superstars means.

    I say we trade her to Raw and have her feud with Melina or Brie Bella for the Divas Championship.

    She can go after Melina for slapping her bestie Natalya and whoop Brie in a squash match for the belt.

    Sounds pretty good to me.

Kofi Kingston

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    Kofi Kingston is another one like DiBiase who is lost in the mid-card world.

    He lost the IC belt to Wade Barrett and since then has been rarely used.

    So the best thing to do is move Kingston to Raw where he could feud with Sheamus or R-Truth.

    Kingston and Daniel Bryan would be a good match too.

Tyler Reks

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    To be really honest, I do not pay any mind to Tyler Reks.

    I couldn't even tell you when his last match was or who it was against but I read that he's been on a losing streak to Chris Masters which is brutal to even type.

    So, I say move him to Raw and have him feud with Sheamus, R-Truth, CM Punk or a member of the Nexus.

    That's the best I could come up with for this guy.


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    JTG, JTG, JTG.

    He's a pro on NXT but besides that, he hasn't really done anything.

    He gets a little bit of a pop on SmackDown but not enough to make him relevant since his breakup with Shad.

    Move him to Raw and he can team up with Kofi Kingston, go against Dolph Ziggler or a member of the Nexus because of his Brooklyn hood street style.

    Bare with me guys.

Last but Not Least: Jack Swagger

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    Jack Swagger's push has been derailed since I don't even know when—possibly after he lost the WHC because of his backstage attitude.

    But we've been seeing a lot of him on Raw due to his associateship with Michael Cole so maybe a possible place on the roster wouldn't be a bad idea.

    Here he can feud with Daniel Bryan. The American Dragon vs. The All American American.

    I like it.

The End!

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    Well this concludes my 2011 WWE Draft. I hope you enjoyed.

    Remember to Take Care and Spike Your Hair.

    Have a good weekend everyone. See you on Monday!