Its Not Too Late: A Look At The Saints' Playoffs Hopes

Bleacher ReportAnalyst IOctober 10, 2008

The shouts of "Who Dat?" have subsided as many Saints' fans realize that the Saints have been beaten yet again.

Not even the heroics of fan favorite Reggie Bush could save the day as the New Orleans Saints fell to the Minnesota Vikings, 30-28. Many fans have thrown in the towel, deciding to wait until next year, again. Just like they did last year while the Saints lost, won, lost, and lost some more, but we're not Patriots fans—we're accustomed to losing.

But don't give up hopes of the playoffs just yet, the Saints may be down, but with players like Drew Brees, Marques Colston, and Duece McAllister, they're never out.

All of the Saints' losses have come in close games in which they committed costly error slate in the games—a late field goal, an allowed touchdown—they've lost by it all, but if the Black and Gold can get it all together, then this team can win some games.

If not for all of the errors, this team could easily be sitting at 5-0 right now. You may think that I'm crazy or something, but take a look back: They lost the game in Washington against the Redskins because of the allowed touchdown late in the game. They lost the game to the Denver Broncos because of the missed field goal, and they lost the game to the Vikings because of another missed field goal, but at least the team has learned something. Instead of going through another Olindo Mare year, the team has decided to try Taylor Mehlaff out and see if he's better than Gramatica. Kickers really are important, you know.

All it takes is some hard work by the players and coaches and this team could be flying high once again.