Panthers-Bucs Rivalry Is Relevant

NC NighthawkAnalyst IOctober 10, 2008

The Carolina Panthers-Tampa Bay Buccaneers rivalry has its own little niche in the NFL. It is a relevant rivalry because these are the only two teams from the NFC South to appear in the Super Bowl since the division started in 2002.

Panthers-Buccaneers does not even come close to the great, traditional rivalries of Packers-Bears, Steelers-Browns, or Cowboys-Redskins. Even the Falcons-Saints rivalry is four decades old.

However, a Carolina-Tampa Bay is typically an extremely hard-hitting affair, unlike Panthers-Falcons or Panther-Saints.

Body counts? Remember when Carolina knocked around Bucs quarterback Chris Simms in 2006, rupturing his spleen and forcing emergency surgery to have it removed? Julius Peppers is usually entangled with a Bucs’ offensive tackle in an entertaining battle usually involving a poke or two in the face, false starts, and holding.

Did you know that the Panthers have won five straight in Tampa Bay? Wasn’t it at a Tampa Bay bar where two Carolina cheerleaders went to the restroom, and let’s just say that a story broke out.

Why do a smell another Vikings-like game for my beloved Panthers? I pray and hope that I am wrong.

The Silver Fox Forecast: Tampa Bay 27, Carolina 24

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