How Would You Change TNA? A Challenge to IWC and Bleacher Report

troy smithContributor IIIApril 22, 2011

This is a challenge to all of the wrestling writers on Bleacher Report and to the IWC in general. I constantly read the articles and hear the wrestling pundits saying that TNA needs to make changes. What annoys me is that I NEVER hear specifics.

People say be different from WWE. OK. How? What would you do that WWE doesn't do? Why would you do it and why do you think it would be a successful business model? Just because it's different from WWE doesn't mean it will achieve that level of success that you want.  Those idiots that do the broken light tube garbage are different from WWE, but if you gave the TNA's resources, they wouldn't make more money. Chikara is very different from WWE, but will 50,000 people ever buy tickets to a Chikara event? Different doesn't mean successful.

Push the young talents. That's great. Which ones and how? What are some feuds that you would do? Who would you hire as writers? Why?

Here's my list of questions for anyone who would like to accept this challenge.

You are now in full control of TNA.

1. How specifically do you make your product different from WWE? What would you do that they do not do? How would you do it? Why do you feel it would draw money?

2. Who do you market your product to? kids, teens, men, women, a specific age group? Why that group?

3. What is one feud, angle or storyline that you would do? Why?

I await the responses of those brave enough to put the proverbial money where their mouth is.