Shakira: Bleacher Report's World Football WAG of the Week

Scott HowardContributor IApril 25, 2011

Shakira: Bleacher Report's World Football WAG of the Week

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    Shakira is an international pop sensation who has always been a soccer fan. She even sang the official theme song of the 2010 World Cup in South Africa.

    It was only a matter of time before Shakira became a world football WAG, and the lucky man is Barcelona's Gerard Pique.

    For those of you that think she's just another WAG who doesn't really care about the sport and is in it just for the attention, I will direct you to this video of Shakira's constant concern during her man's recent Copa Del Rey match with rival Real Madrid.

    After watching that, you can't tell me Shakira isn't a true fan.

    Let's take a closer look at Shakira, Bleacher Report's World Football WAG of the Week. 

Pique Scores on the Rebound

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    This was easily the best score of Pique's life, having snatched Shakira up pretty soon after her breakup with longtime partner Antonio de la Rua.

    Shakira and Rua were together for 11 years before they split in late 2010. Shakira wrote:

    "We view this period of separation as temporary and as a time of individual growth as we continue to be partners in our business and professional lives."

    Apparently her "individual growth" includes dating one of the most famous soccer players in the world.

Renaissance Woman

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    Shakira was born and raised in Colombia (it's surprising she's not dating Colombian soccer star Carlos Valderramma), and she showcased her musical talent at an early age.

    She's known for combining different styles of music, including rock, Latin and Middle Eastern to create a unique sound the world loves.

    Shakira is a native Spanish speaker but also speaks English and Portuguese fluently, along with some Italian, French and Arabic.

Not Seeing Eye to Eye

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    While I'm sure Shakira and Pique have much to talk about when it comes to soccer and pop music, they don't exactly see eye to eye in a more literal sense.

    Pique stands at nearly 6'4" while Shakira is generously listed at about 5'2".

    At least we know who's getting the cereal off the top shelf.

Hips Don't Lie

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    While Shakira is known for her singing voice and catchy songs, it's her hip gyrations that have taken her to the next level.

    Shakira is the first international superstar to incorporate belly dancing into her stage show and music videos.

    One of her most famous hits in the U.S. was Hips Don't Lie...and they certainly don't.

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The Grand Prize

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    Pique plays a key role as a defender for the Spanish national team and helped lead the country to its first World Cup championship in 2010.

    He currently plays for Barcelona, where he was born, so Pique's career seems like it can't get any better.

    And then he started dating Shakira. 

Music Video Magic

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    Shakira sang the official theme song for the 2010 World Cup, "Waka Waka (This Time for Africa)", and the music video starred many international soccer players.

    One of these players that it starred guessed it...Gerard Pique.

    Pique appears in a shirt with the slogan "This Time for Africa" and clearly the sparks were flying between him and Shakira on set.

    For those of you who don't grasp the popularity of soccer (and Shakira), this video has over 330 million views. Yes, that's over 300 million more than "What What in the Butt".

A Real Fan

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    Shakira is not your typical WAG. While most soccer stars' women are off shopping and posing for sexy photo shoots, Shakira is in the stands rooting for her man.

    As this video shows, she seriously get into the matches. She may look pretty on the outside, but whoever delivers a cheap shot to her man better watch out—she turns into an angry bulldog.

From Royalty to WAG

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    Before hitting it off with Pique, Shakira dated Antonio de la Rua for 11 years. You'd think Pique would be pretty secure in the fact that he's the most famous person that Shakira has dated.

    Not the case.

    Antonio de la Rua is actually the son of the former president of Argentina. Then again, soccer players in Spain are probably more recognizable than the president anyway.

Well Decorated: On and off Stage

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    Pique isn't the only one in the relationship who has a trophy.

    Shakira has won numerous awards throughout her career, including two Grammys, seven Latin Grammys, 12 Billboard Latin Music Awards and has been nominated for a Golden Globe.

    Pique's got a lot of work to do if he's going to catch up. Although I think the World Cup trophy probably cancels out the seven Latin Grammys.

Chasing Gloria

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    Shakira is the highest-selling Colombian music artist of all time, having sold over 50 million albums worldwide.

    She's still not the highest-selling female Latin singer—that title belongs to Gloria Estefan.

    Given that Shakira's still at the top of her game and Estefan hasn't had a hit since 1991, I think it's safe to say Shakira's going to catch her pretty soon.

Giving Back

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    Shakira has used her fame to do good in her home country of Colombia. In 1995, she set up the Pies Descalzos Foundation, a charity that emphasizes setting up special schools for poor Colombian children.

    She's also a UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador, and in 2010, she received a medal from the United Nations' International Labor Organization to recognize her contributions. 


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    We'd like to salute Shakira, our World Football WAG of the Week, for finally dating an athlete so we could do a slideshow about her.

    Shakira's been one of the hottest women in music for a long time, and she's showing no signs of slowing down.

    The fact she's actually interested in soccer makes her that much hotter, and we can't wait to see more footage of her at the games.

    A World Cup championship and Shakira in less than a year. Gerard Pique is one lucky man.