Trouble in Paradise: Choices to Make for the Boston Red Sox

Anthony SciottiContributor IJanuary 16, 2008

Coming off their second World Series Title in ffour years, the Red Sox seem to have everything going for them, along with the entire town of Boston.  Not to mention, the resigning of basically the entire starting offense, defense and rotation, with all the big names back and tons of momentum in their favor.

But That doesnt mean their are no choices to make. And big ones. Season changing ones, actually.

Boston has an amazing young centerfielder with all the tools you look for in a young prospect. Jocobe Ellisbury is fast, smart, strong and performs under pressure better then any player his age as far as im concerned. Plus, who could forget the performance he put on in the World Series last year? A guy with that kind of talent needs one thing. Playing time. And lots of it. Thus, the first problem rears its head. Keeping in mind he only played 33 games in '07, he did post a .353 average and over 40 hits on his short season. But he did end the last 4 games of the World Series with a.438 average and 7 hits.

Coco Crisp is also returning to the ball club again this year. After suffering through a hand injury for part of his season last year, Ellisbury was called up from AAA and he showed he came to play.  Crisp has been with the team for only a couple years, but his stellar unnoticed defense in centerfield has made the decision on who to put out there all the harder. 

Talk of a trade with Ellisbury to the Twins for Johan Santana was hanging around for awhile, wich would have given Boston the best right and left handed starters in the game in Beckett and Santana. Although it seems to have fallen through, there is still a possibility of talks about shipping Crisp somewhere in return for prospects or a little middle relief after the loss of Gagne in the offseason as well. And as pitching is brought into talks, so is another choice the Sox will be stuck with.

Clay Bucholtz, the rookie sensation who hurled the no hitter for the Red Sox against the Orioles last year will be returning and sources at the official website say hes in top shape for the up and coming season. The clubhouse wants him in the majors for the same reason they want Ellisbury-playing time and seasoning. But with Schilling, Beckett, Wakefield, Matsuzaka, and the return of Jon Lester, there is no room for Clay. The club doesnt want to stick him in the bullpen, and they dont want to stick Lester in it either.  The only other option would be sending veteran Wakefield into the pen or dropping Clay or Lester to AAA.  Not to mention, with talks still flying back and forth, one of them could be on the move as well.

With alot of possibilies, dont be surprised if a big move or decision is released sometime soon, most likely before spring training. Either way, to end it on a good note, the Sox look poised to make a strong run for another Ring in '08.