Why TNA Wrestling Is Everything It Shouldn't Be

No NameContributor IIIApril 22, 2011

For nine years, TNA Wrestling has been changing the face of wrestling, revolutionising entertainment and delivering more shocks than a defibrillator.

Well, according to TNA they have anyway.

Yet TNA has become everything it shouldn't be.

You see, it would be a fair assessment to say even the loyalist TNA fan is beginning to tire of the antics of Hogan and co. TNA should offer an alternative to WWE's entertainment machine. Wrestling should be the focus, as should be the young, up and coming wrestlers. Yet this is not the case. This week, like most weeks, Hulk Hogan dominated Impact, taking air time away from talented up and comers like Jay Lethal.

Oh, that's right; TNA let Jay Lethal go this week. TNA should be built around the likes of AJ Styles, Robert Roode, Ken Anderson, Samoa Joe, The Pope, Chris Sabin, Alex Shelley and etc. Instead, the likes of Hogan, Bischoff and Sting have starring roles, when in reality they should be supporting the new wave of wrestlers.

TNA need to be trying new things in order to grow, something they haven't done since 2007. Why are they rehashing story lines from 1996? Immortal is not only a poor nWo imitation, it is an illogical grouping of wrestlers. On one side of the ring you have Hulk Hogan and Ric Flair and on the other you have...Rob Terry and some guy called Murphy.

In order to put over the young guys efficiently, Immortal should effectively be the Main Event Mafia version two. Hulk Hogan, Bischoff, Flair, Steiner, Angle, Sting and even someone like RVD. Legends that made their name outside TNA should form the top heel collective and trade places with the likes of Murphy.

TNA Impact is a minefield of the illogical, a concoction of confusion. Why are there so many titles, with most treated as irrelevant? Why are there wrestlers working as two characters? Why did the Nasty Boys have a job?

Focus on wrestling, have a World Title, a Women's Title and the X Division title and push the new Superstars TNA has.

Granted, TNA do some things brilliantly, arguably better than WWE.

Fortune is the best stable in wrestling today, with five guys who fit together in every sense. Moreover, their backstage footage is more realistic and relevant than WWE's. In 2011, the hidden camera style offers a different aesthetic and explains the presence of the camera to the savvy and active wrestling audience of today.

Furthermore, the shoot style promo TNA often dabbles in, whilst often hit or miss, creates entertaining television at times. Ken Anderson calling Hulk Hogan Terrence, Terrell or any other variation of his government name is priceless.

Until TNA re-evaluates itself and focuses on what it should focus on, it will remain in WWE's shadow. To become a viable threat they must become a viable business. Occurrences like the Victory Road debacle should just not happen.

The sad thing is, there is a chance that TNA will end up like WCW. Despite the hard work of the young wrestlers, Hogan and Bischoff may take TNA down.

On this weeks Impact, RVD was telling Hogan how much everyone respected him when he was carrying the business in his hey day. Hogan countered by saying he is still carrying the business. For TNA's sake, I hope Hogan does not honestly believe that.

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