UFC 129 Fight Card: Have the Fans Forgotten Just How Good Jose Aldo Is?

Sal DeRoseCorrespondent IApril 22, 2011

How could you forget a fighter like UFC featherweight champion Jose Aldo?

Easy. Aldo comes straight from the less-viewed, less-hyped WEC and hasn't defended his belt again for half of a year.

It happens, but Aldo shouldn't be forgotten.

Some casual fans might have forgotten about Aldo, but the hardcore fans know what he's all about.

Aldo is a great 145-pound fighter. Wait, great doesn't describe how good Aldo really is. Aldo is an amazing 145-pound fighter. One of the best the UFC will ever see.

Aldo doesn't just beat his opponents, he finishes them. In fact, seven of his last eight victories come by knockout. His only victory that didn't come that way? A unanimous decision victory over former WEC featherweight champion, Urijah Faber. For those of you who didn't watch that fight though, Aldo was all over Faber from start to finish and destroyed Faber with low leg kicks. It's a wonder how Faber can even still walk after the beating he took.

This will be Aldo's toughest striker to date. Mark Hominick knows the striking game really well and will mix it up with Aldo. Hominick is different from most strikers. Hominick will undoubtedly throw plenty of body shots to wear down Aldo.

Aldo shouldn't have a tough time though. Remember this is the guy who threw a flying knee and knocked out the guy. I mean really, if you don't think that's good striking or creativity in the stand-up game, I don't know what else to show.

Aldo's as creative as they come, and the casual fan might have forgotten how good he is. But in the media, and as hardcore fans, we know how good Aldo can be. Aldo is the number three pound-for-pound fighter in the world for a reason.

If you've forgotten how good Aldo is, go look up some of his fights and be dazzled about how good this man can really be. Aldo should be able to get by Hominick and become the next dominant UFC champion.