Community Leader: Who Cares? [A Message to the Wrestling Section]

'Rowdy' Ross RutherfordSenior Analyst IOctober 10, 2008

Okay. Over the last couple of days everyone has been "challenging" each other over this "community leader" title.

I'm sorry, but I think the whole community leader thing should just be done away with. It does nothing but cause trouble. Since when was writing a competition? I mean when you write something it should not be because your trying to be better than someone else. It should be because you feel strongly about something and you want to voice a specific opinion.

If your here at the Bleacher Report for the sole purpose of becoming "No. 1" or the "Community Leader" than you really need re-think your priorities. I am here to write. I am here to have a good debate with intelligent people about wrestling, because I love it.

I don't care where am at on the "ranking." Hell they could take me of the damn ranking and I wouldn't care, because I would still write. I know there are at least a few people out there who like what I have to say and that is enough for me to keep going.

"Community leader" or not. You, me, and everyone else who writes about wrestling make up the "Wrestling section." So let's show a little class and get back to typing and stop all of this useless fighting and bickering. It's immature and juvenile. I know that may be a bit harsh, but it's only the truth. I hope I can be the voice of reason here so we all can go back to writing about wrestling. I mean that is why we are all here in the first place.

-Thank you as always, Ross Rutherford (not your Community Leader)