Who Will Win in the Swamp?

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Who Will Win in the Swamp?
As a life long Tiger fan, it is hard to predict an LSU loss. I am the first to admit when it comes to LSU I am bias. If I want my readers to take me serious, I have to refrain from letting my bias show.

As much as this hurts I have to say I predict Florida will beat LSU in a close game but not as close as you might think. Florida wants this game and they have to make up for the Ole Miss loss. Also, as I am typing this the Baton Rouge media reported that Ricky Jean Francois will not play tomorrow because of a pulled groin (This is not official yet). LSU’s secondary will be attacked and Florida will be able to beat them by a seven plus a field goal.

Florida 31 LSU 21

This hurts me to post this.

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