Jason "Mayhem" Miller: Now with UFC, He's Best Option for "Ultimate Fighter 14"

Sal DeRoseCorrespondent IApril 22, 2011

Calling UFC president Dana White, you now have your best option to help boost ratings on The Ultimate Fighter under contract. Brock Lesnar couldn't help you, but Jason "Mayhem" Miller sure can.

If you want someone to be the "American Hero" versus Michael Bisping, here he is. You don't have Dan Henderson anymore, but Mayhem will literally be in the face of Bisping throughout the entire show.

You might not get a great coach out of Mayhem, but hey, who knows? Mayhem couldn't be any worse than Brock is.

Mayhem has already thrown his hat in the ring and given the idea of him being the coach on The Ultimate Fighter 14 alongside Spitsbing, excuse me, Bisping.

"@DanaWhite Chael can't make it to the party? I'd happily be the American Hero. Put me on TUF, watch the ratings explode,"  Mayhem said via his Twitter account.

Mayhem is known for his crazy antics and his out of control personality.

Bisping couldn't handle a guy who has been notoriously quiet his whole career when he faced Jorge Rivera. How on Earth do you think he would handle someone like Mayhem? There would tension you could cut with a knife on the show. I wouldn't be surprised if Bisping tries to punch Mayhem, or spit "at Mayhem's corner" when his fighter loses.

Remember, The Ultimate Fighter is a TV show, a reality show at that. Whats a better way to draw in viewers and higher ratings then with one guy wanting to punch the living daylights out of the other?

Junior dos Santos and Brock seemed to have failed this year in pumping up the audience. It took four episodes for something finally big to happen. With Mayhem and Bisping, the first episode, just them coming to the training facility together, would be for lack of a better word, mayhem.

If you want to boost ratings here is your best opportunity. Mayhem is a quality fighter and almost assuredly will give Bisping a run for his money come fight night.

So here it is Dana, your best option. Mayhem versus Bisping for coaches on The Ultimate Fighter 14. You now have Mayhem under contract, let's get these talks under way.

Pull the trigger Dana. Do it. In the words of Mayhem's rival Nick Diaz "Don't be scared homie!"