Shakira Video: Check Out Pop Star WAG's Reactions During Copa Del Rey

Sam WestmorelandFeatured ColumnistApril 22, 2011

There's a Shakira video sweeping across the sports world today, after a Spanish television network decided to focus a camera solely on the newly-minted WAG of Barcelona's Gerard Pique during the Copa del Rey. 

The pint-sized pop singer brings the smolder pretty much any time she's out in public, but during Barca's clash with Real Madrid for the coveted cup, she spends pretty much the entire match looking on with concern. 

How can we be sure of this? Some lovely viewer of the Spanish tournament's finale went to the trouble of splicing together every shot of Shakira during the game. 

She pretty much spends the entire video with a stressed, pissed off or generally concerned look on her face, even when it's clear from the reactions of those around her that Pique and Barca are playing quite well. 

It's clear she knows her stuff about football (or at least, that she's really good at pretending to know football), and like any fan worth their ticket, she spends a good portion of the footage screaming what we can only assume are insults directed at the referee and his parentage. 

I'm sure many of you are asking yourselves, "Why would a network waste a camera on one person for an entire match? Don't they know there's soccer going on?"

But, frankly, this isn't all that surprising, considering all of the shots of family and friends we get over the course of an American sporting event.

They're not focused on one person; instead, we get the player's wife or girlfriend or parents, the coach's wife or girlfriend, or other random family members associated with the people on the floor. 

Frankly, are you really complaining that you had to watch Shakira for over a minute during the game? I didn't think so.