Broncos Standout A "Royal" Pain For Opposing Secondaries

Brad JamesCorrespondent IOctober 10, 2008

This may appear to be a quiet, unassuming young man from modestly-sized city Alexandria, Va., and indeed he is, until he steps onto the football field. He is Eddie Royal, one of the most important cogs in a Denver Broncos offensive machine that through the NFL season's first five weeks has amassed 415 yards a contest, nearly 30 points a game and almost 297 passing yards a game. Royal (30 receptions, 321 yards, 2 TD's) thus far has used his prodigious skills to terrorize all secondaries the Broncos have faced to this point. Royal, who in typical southern grace answers the media and coaches ("yes, sir, no sir") is arguably the NFL's most multi-faceted player since Eric Metcalf (17,230 all-purpose yards if you need him) and definitely brings a level of excitement to Broncos fans comparable to what Reggie Bush and Devin Hester provide for Saints and Bears fans, respectively. Although the Broncos had studs such as Keary Colbert (now with the Seahawks) and Darrell Jackson (still on the team, but buried deep within the depth chart) in their receiving corps in training camp, master coach Mike Shanahan knew that Royal would be an excellent player and from his first game (wherein he embarrassed felow Hokie alum MeAngelo ERRR DeAngelo Hall) he's done nothing to dissuade his head coach. Thankfully, all systems seem to be going for Royal to play in the Jaguars' game, so to the classy Jacksonville Jaguars, you've been forewarned. My fellow Broncos fans, please feel honored that #19 is on our side, because he'll only get better, much to the chagrin of Oakland, Kansas City, and San Diego.