Man, Oh Manning! Eli's Cool Confidence Will Help Giants Shut Down Browns.

John ArdolinoContributor IOctober 10, 2008

Don't even tell me that Eli Manning's performance against the Seahawks last week didn't put fear in teams.  Manning picked apart the Seattle defense without receiver, Plaxico Burress.  The offense was a well oiled machine, (kudos to that offensive line), but man oh Manning, Eli is for real.

Now, here come the Browns, the struggling Browns.  The team that was supposed to be better than they are right now.  They get to be home on Monday night against the Giants, they get to have the Dawg Pound barking for them... but, I think that's all they get.  The only way I see Cleveland taking this game is if the Giants beat themselves.

But here's the thing: The Giants don't beat themselves anymore.  They just don't.  I don't know what it is, but they seemed to have shed that meltdown skin they used to have.  Maybe it's Coughlin and his changed attitude.  Maybe it's that improbable Super Bowl victory, or maybe it's just Manning with that cool demeanor, that anything is possible mentality, that Easy E nickname that fits so well.

The league is different now and it's different because of the Giants.  They completely changed the mindset of teams all over the league with their Super Bowl run last year.  Everyone, I mean it, everyone, plays with a little more heart, plays with a little "if the Giants can do it, we can..." attitude.  I'll tell ya, because of it, there are a lot more Davids than there are Goliaths in the league this year.

The Giants should know.  They are the best at playing David, even when they are favored.

This week it's the Browns, but this is not the Brown's week.  Eli will be bringing his slingshot and is cool, collected team with him.  The Giants go 5-0 this week.  And people will have to start taking notice, again.