Who's Next in Line to Win "The Big One"? A Look at The New WWE Talent on Raw

David TaplinContributor IOctober 10, 2008

In WWE there is always the question, Who’s next to win “The Big One”? As far as  I’m concerned the WWE is stacked with main event level stars with any of them being capable of carrying their respective brands or even the company. Looking at the new superstars that have been appearing on WWE television I keep wondering who’s going to be the next big deal?

Who’s going to be the shining stars and who’s going to crash and burn? We all knew that Randy Orton and Batista were going to be big deals as they were pretty much hand picked by Triple H and Ric Flair. So, le'ts take a look at the new stars and see who will be the next Superstars.

CM Punk. Yes he has already won a World title but we all know it was not done properly and Punk wasn’t used properly. It was the only storyline available to bring a Title back to Raw. He never got to finish a match with Batista and his only wins were over John “Bradshaw” Layfield (JBL). Even Chris Jericho got the clean win over Punk in his own hometown of Chicago.

I think CM Punk can be a permanent main eventer and can carry Raw or Smackdown if given the right opportunity. CM Punk has a huge fan base from his Indy days and his new fans from his time in WWE. I want to see Punk get his title back and win it back and defend it like a Superstar. 

Ted DiBiase Jr. Second Generation star, and the tools to get the job done. I think even if he wasn’t billed as “The Million Dollar man” Ted DiBiase’s son he would still be able to be a top player at this time in his career. He has the look of a superstar for sure. His in-ring skills from what i’ve seen are not bad. I think he will be without doubt a Intercontinental or U.S. Champion. I also think he will be able to win a World Title or two.

Cody Rhodes. Second Generation star. Needs to work on his mic skills. He has the in-ring potential to get to upper mid-card level in the WWE. I see him holding the Intercontinental title at some point but i really don’t ever see him winning a world title. Not unless he seriously steps it up.

Manu. I really dont know alot about him except he is a second generation star. The son of Afa has some shoes to fill and I hope he is given the opportunity to showcase what he’s got. Right now he just hangs out side of the ring during a rhodes/dibiase match. I dont see him doing awhole lot unless he breaks out soon.

Kofi Kingston. I have yet to really hear him talk on the mic. His in-ring skills cannot be denied. He’s amazing from the moment he steps in the ring to the bell ringing. I don’t see Kingston becoming more than the Intercontinental champ.

These are the major players in my opinion. I would love for any feed back you have but I can say the state of the WWE’s future with these five stars is in great hands.