Brock Lesnar Coach Erik Paulson Shares Story of Spring Break Gone Wrong

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When I think of spring break, I think of excessive amounts of alcohol, binge drinking and more naked women then I can shake a stick at. Spring break is supposed to be filled with video tapes that you never let your future wife see, memories of half-naked women blowing whistles and stuffing bottles of cheap watered down tequila down your throat and more. Well if you are going to do spring break right, this is how it should be. Now let us switch gears to Erik Paulson and how he does spring break.

It was 1987 or maybe it was 88 as Paulson recalls. He was working at a straight bar, that now is a gay bar (It gets much crazier, these are just details). Paulson and his buddies are headed down to the strip in Palm Springs, in route to the strip Erik gets side swiped by a crazy crackhead in a Mustang.

This story only gets better as Paulson ends up pinned up against his truck by the crackhead’s car, a gun to the family jewels occurs and all Erik can think of is how he is going to get "ass raped" in prison.

Okay I know it sounds crazy, but check out the interview and you will understand it better.

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