Ravens, Colts: A must win for Indy

Aaron GlennContributor IOctober 10, 2008

In the early 80's the Baltimore Colts packed up their pads and moved to Indy.  Leaving a town in despair for football and bringing hope to another.  Since the relocation, Baltimore has had a grudge against the Colts, and Indianapolis in general.  This game will prove to be one for the books.  If you don't watch this one, I feel very sorry for you.

Indianapolis is generally a city of calm, peaceful days.  A very clean, nice downtown area along with a beautiful canal where the White River enters the capitol of Indiana.  This Sunday however, people wont be thinking about how nice the canal is, or how clean the streets of the city are.  Everyone in Indy will have one thing on their mind.  Ray Lewis and that amazing holocaust defense will be in the Lucas Oil Stadium, hoping to drill for oil in the Colts offense.

The man in the picture(above), is Ray Lewis.  It wouldn't matter if you had 8 year olds on this defense, as long as he was playing his "hyped up" style, these little kids would play at a level that is more elevated than Rushmore.  Everyone around Ray seems to play better than they could ever hope for.

The Colts have tried to turn the ignition over, numerous times to try and start their offense, but the battery seems like it's pretty dead.  And for a team like the Colts, it's a good thing they have the best alternator in the NFL, Peyton Manning.  Right now, Manning seems off with Marvin Harrison, and that frustrates him like nothing else.  The tandem of Manning and Harrison are arguably one of the best to ever play the game.  But right now, it's obvious that Harrison is a half step back.

For the Colts to overcome this defense, look for them to use the slot receiver a lot, whether it's Anthony Gonzalez or Dallas Clark filling that position, it will be key to their success.  I see them using 3 and 4 receiver packages a lot to try to keep Baltimore's hard hitting secondary out of the box, so Addai can try his hand at the run, which will make the playaction pass more lethal.

This game will be one of epic, and probably a lower-scoring game, but a hard fought one on both sides.  A game of this proportion is one to surely have Ravens, Colts and NFL fans alike, asking for more.

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