Study Chinese

miki deanContributor IOctober 10, 2008

common use language=通常使用的语言:

  hello=哈罗(ha luo)..father=妈妈(ma ma)..mother=爸爸(ba ba)

  how are you?=你好吗(ni hao ma?)or您好吗(nin hao ma?)[you  can translation is 你 and 您..But Chinese habit use 你]

   I want to make friend with you=我想和你做朋友(wo xiang he ni zuo peng you)...[If you see the Chinese girl wanting to know can saying this]

   good morning=早上好(zao shang hao)...good afternoon=中午好(zhong wu hao)..good evening=晚上好(wan shang hao)

   it's another buys day today,I believe?=今天又是忙碌的一天,对吧?(jin tian you shi mang lu de yi tian,dui ba?)

   Mr=先生(xian sheng)  Miss=小姐(xiao jie)   Mrs=夫人(fu ren)

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