Georgia Tech Will Play Another Freshman

Hector AleandroContributor IOctober 7, 2008

The latest weekly press conference says Marcus Wright will finally be seeing some playing time.

Coach Paul Johnson explains that due to a chain of events starting with Quincy Kelly and Embry Peeples, there will be some changes to the line up on Saturday. Luke Cox is going to be playing B-Back as the 2nd stringer and Embry is questionable at best for Saturday. That drops us two A-backs, giving Marcus a chance to shine.

I'm really excited yet sad that he had to sit out the past 5 games. Despite his size, I know he'll be having a good career while he is at Tech. Remember that Marcus was one of the recruits to change his commitment from Tulsa to Georgia Tech after Paul Johnson took over. He WANTS to play the option, and Saturday he will.

Now that he wont be red-shirted, I wonder what impact Marcus could have on Tech's kick and punt return game. He is probably the fastest player on the team and could help out the struggling punt return game considering how Tyler Melton, the starting Punt Returner, is 9th in the ACC after 8 attempts, with a longest play of 15 yards and an average of 3.6 yards. In comparison, Tech's opponents are averaging 10 yards a return (in 3 attempts).

Coach PJ himself has called the special teams atrocious and believes his staff hasn't done enough "coaching" to correct this element of Tech's game.

If there's something PJ can do is coach, so don't be surprised to see a new ummphh in Tech's special teams this week. We might even have a new face downfield returning the ball.