Cozzene, the Sheik Mohammad, NASCAR and the Greatest Trainer Ever

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Cozzene, the Sheik Mohammad, NASCAR and the Greatest Trainer Ever
First, I will say up front that none of four topics have anything to do with other. Just lots to write about.

Cozzene-I am quite sad to hear that Breeders Cup winner and very successful thoroughbred stallion Cozzene died. He was, without a doubt, the most beautiful/handsome thoroughbred I have ever seen. He was listed as a grey, but he was more like snow white. Couple that with his deep black eyes and he was a very striking looking horse. Not too shabby at producing race horses either. He was quite the sweetheart too when we visited Gainesway in 2006.

The Sheik-Business Weekly just produced a list of their "Power 100" for the most influential people in sports. Of course, not one person in horse racing is even mentioned and commissioner of the NHL is #16. They have a world list too, but just 25 there and the vast majority are in soccer. Publications generally produce list to stir the pot, but not even include anyone from an industry that generates 475,000 jobs and several billion dollars to the economy is just plain stupid. This is where horse racing stands: it is not a dying sport, its a sport that for some reason is never on the radar screen of the media (except, of course, when a horse breaks down).

Which leads me to the Sheik , crown prince of Dubai and fellow thoroughbred owner (ok, so he owns like 17,000 horses and I own 4). The fact of the matter is, the Sheik could buy out every person on the "Power 100" list and make them his bathroom servant. For example, he bought a 9,000 acre farm and its horses for $475 million. Every year, he puts up $16 million of his own money for the Dubai World Cup. There are even several American horsemen who could go on that list and yes I would have to put Frank Stronach on there, even though he is not really the best manager of his tracks.

NASCAR-NASCAR just got a $100 million tax break (in the form of an accelerated deferment on some of their tracks). Thats fine, no problem with it. Many in the media have remarked that horse racing can't survive without help. So, what does a major tax break say about NASCAR?

The Greatest Trainer-Is Sarah Warmack, our trainer. Sarah Warmack of Gordonsville, VA is AWESOME!!! In this economy, she sold our Suzy, our Welsh Pony for close to the asking price.

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