Top 10 NFL Coaching Meltdowns of All Time (Video)

Nick KappelAnalyst IIIApril 21, 2011

Top 10 NFL Coaching Meltdowns of All Time (Video)

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    If you're like most NFL fans, you're probably spending most of your free time these days searching for mock drafts and reading scouting reports as you prepare for the 2011 NFL Draft.

    I'm like you, but I also realize the importance of a light-hearted moment to distract myself from the depths of draft preparation. With that thought in mind, I present the top 10 NFL coaching meltdowns.

10. Bill Callahan "Dumbest Team in America"

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    Bill Callahan on his Raiders in 2003. "We've got to be the dumbest team in America..."

    Can't say I disagree.

9. Jim Fassel Guarantee

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    After his team lost back-to-back games in 2000, Jim Fassel called a press conference to guarantee a playoff berth for his then 7-4 team. They responded by winning their last five games, claiming the NFC East title and eventually advancing to Super Bowl XXXV—which they lost.

8. Mike Singletary "Can't Do It"

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    After getting destroyed by the Seahawks 34-13 in Week 8 during the 2000 season, Mike Singletary fired off—most notably on Vernon Davis.

7. Bill Parcells "You Got Sucked"

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    This one is less of a meltdown and more of a hilarious sexual innuendo. After being asked a question about Terrell Owens, Bill Parcells replied in a very peculiar way...

6. Jim Mora "Diddly Poo"

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    After a 19-7 loss to the Carolina Panthers in 2006, Saints coach Jim Mora characterized his team's second-half performance using the term "diddly poo."

5. Mike Ditka "If You Were 2-7 You'd Be in a Bad Mood Too"

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    Mike Ditka apparently wasn't too fond of the media on this particular day after practice, but he did provide us with a few timeless one-liners.

4. Jerry Burns Defending His Offensive Coordinator

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    After a game—in which the Vikings won—head coach Jerry Burns defended his offensive coordinator after he was booed by fans during the game, giving us one of the best coaching soundbites of all time.

3. Herm Edwards "You Play to Win the Game"

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    After falling to 2-5 after a Week 8 loss in 2002, New York Jets coach Herm Edwards sounded off in one of the most memorable coaching rants of all time. Coach Edward's rant sparked a 7-2 finish, and an AFC East division title.

2. Jim Mora "Playoffs?"

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    After a 2001 beat down from the 49ers, Jim Mora Sr. erupted in a post-game press conference with one of the most memorable one-liners in NFL history.

1. Dennis Green "They Are Who We Thought They Were"

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    After leading the Bears 23-3 in the third quarter of a Monday Night Football game in 2006, the Cardinals choked away the victory to Rex Grossman and company, leading to the most hilarious press-game rant in NFL history.