Washington Wizards: Is Terrence Jones the Last Resort To Pair with John Wall?

Kevon Robinson@@Kevon_RobbbCorrespondent IApril 20, 2011

We all know how incredibly weak this year's NBA draft is when it comes to potential and where they will be in the next five years.

With the Wizards, they are about one or two pieces away from being legit playoff contenders.  

The top three prospects of this year's NBA draft are Kyrie Irving, Derrick Williams and Enes Kanter.  The Washington Wizards right now have the fourth best chance of snagging the No. 1 overall pick with the standings looking like this... 

1. Minnesota: 17-65 (25 percent)

2. Cleveland: 19-63 (19.9 percent)

3. Toronto: 22-60 (15.9 percent)

4. Washington: 23-59 (11.9 percent)

5. Utah (from New Jersey): 24-58 (7.5 percent)

6. Sacramento: 24-58 (7.5 percent)

7. Detroit: 30-52 (4.3 percent)

8. Cleveland (from LA Clippers): 32-50 (2.8 percent)

9. Charlotte: 34-48 (1.7 percent)

10. Milwaukee: 35-47 (1.1 percent)

11. Golden State: 36-46 (0.8 percent)

12.Utah: 39-43 (0.7 percent)

13. Phoenix: 40-42 (0.6 percent)

14. Houston: 43-39 (0.5 percent)

Although the chances of the Wizards getting at least a top-three pick aren't that far off, the ping-pong balls hold the destiny when it comes to drafting a key franchise player.  Right now, the Wizards' draft boards have shifted a bit with the lost to Harrison Barnes returning to UNC, but as of now, it remains with the versatile forward Derrick Williams or the Turkish Bull Enes Kanter as a main priority for the draft.  

There are also the two European players that are projected in the top five, but they are too big of a risk for Washington to take with a lockout approaching, and there are also reports that Jonas Valanciunas (one of the Euros) could stay in Lithuania due to not reaching a buyout agreement with his team.  The situation is close to what happened to Ricky Rubio. 

But if the lottery were to come out exactly like the standings above show, then the Wizards should take a look at another Kentucky Wildcat in Terrence Jones.

Many have now seen that it was premature to declare that Terrence Jones was the best player in college around fall of 2010. He played with confidence and aggressiveness that made him almost unstoppable in the beginning of the season. Looking at his frame, looks like the prototypical NBA small forward and also has the tools. At Kentucky, he mainly played PF, but his shooting touch, quickness and the ability to play perimeter defense will most assuredly mark him as a small forward in the NBA. 

When the Kentucky Wildcats season was starting to wrap up, Terrence Jones struggled; he was shooting with the same confidence and made a lot of poor decisions.  With those reasons, Jones has fallen on many draft boards with the critique of maturity issues and inconsistency.

Harrison Barnes and Terrence Jones seemed to have swapped places this season; Jones looked like a potential No. 1 overall pick in the beginning of the season while Barnes looked like a false advertisement to NBA scouts.

Jones' offensive game looks very polished, which makes me believe that he can fit well with John Wall. He can score in transition on thundering dunks while he also has a nice touch on his jump-shot and can knock down open shots. He has a number of post moves, including a baby hook that he can hit with either hand. His first step off the dribble is amazing, which leads to many easy dunks and layups in Kentucky.  Jones is arguably on of the best slashers in the NBA draft right now.

The Wizards should definitely take a look at Terrence Jones in the combine and in workouts, because a being projected top-three overall in October to now being projected late-lottery because of maturity issues and inconsistency is a little fishy to me.


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