The 25 Hottest Poses in Sports

Scott HowardContributor IApril 20, 2011

The 25 Hottest Poses in Sports

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    Everybody knows that one girl. You know, the one that is really cute when she's just lounging around in jeans and a t-shirt, but when she decides to get dressed up and try to look pretty she ends up taking three huge steps backwards.

    Sometimes athletes aren't themselves when they're at a glamorized photo shoot. Sometimes they're at their hottest in their natural environment.

    The poses we're looking at are the ones that occur naturally during the course of a sporting event and, for one reason or another, are incredibly hot. 

25. Tennis Skirt Ball Retrieval

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    When the tennis skirt was first devised, it was a crowd-pleaser. The female players enjoyed the comfort and freedom while the male spectators enjoyed them for entirely different reasons.

    There was just one problem: where to put the tennis ball?

    Shorts had pockets, but there were no pockets on the skirts. Finally in a "necessity is the mother of invention" moment, a lady stuffed a tennis ball into the underwear portion of the skirt.

    The fad caught on and you can still see female players making this pose on the WTA Tour.

24. Curling Thrower's Stance

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    In curling, the person who slides the stone along the ice is not actually the curler. The curlers are the ones who "curl" the stone's path by sweeping the ice with a broom.

    There. Just saved you a trip to Wikipedia.

    Anyway, curling isn't known for its hotties, but this pose is definitely hot. It shows off the flexibility of the thrower, and when cougars like Cheryl Bernard are doing it suddenly curling isn't quite as boring.

23. Basketball Defensive Stance

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    It's the worst part of basketball practice for the players, but it's the best part for the spectators. Of course we're talking about the dreaded defensive stance.

    For those of you that aren't familiar, it's basically like doing a squat then shuffling side-to-side while keeping your knees bent and your rear end down.

    It's not very much fun to do, but it is fun to watch for obvious reasons.

22. Synchronized Swimming "Star"

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    Usually I can come up with some witty commentary for pictures to describe them, but this one...I mean...I'm just at a loss for words.

    Once you discover that it's actually two synchronized swimmers you realize how hot the picture actually is.

    But the more you look at it, the more it looks like something MC Escher designed.

    My brain hurts.

21. Bowling Follow Through

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    Okay, so your image of female bowlers doesn't exactly evoke the word "hot." Get rid of your preconceptions for a second and look at the grace and elegance of this follow through.

    The inner arm rests so gently upon her cheek. Her eyes focused so intently on the placement of the ball. The pins sit quietly with no idea about the havoc that is waiting to be wreaked upon them.

    And it helps that this girl's attractive.

20. Diving Dismount

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    When a diver's in the air, she does all sorts of contortions and flips with her body. Before that, however, there is a moment of peace and tranquility right after she bounces off the board and begins to leap.

    That moment displays the grace and power needed to be an Olympic diver, and it showcases the athlete's body in a perfect way.

    Not exactly what Cousin Marcus looks like on the diving board.

19. Wrestling Belt Raise

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    Nothing says "victory" like raising your trophy in the air. In the WWE, instead of trophies they have championship belts.

    Luckily for us, you can still raise a belt in the air, as the Divas tend to do every time they win something. The results may be planned, but the celebrations make us forget.

18. Hurdler's Pose

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    Jumping over hurdles while running at maximum speed is one of the hardest things to do in sports, but it also produces one of the hottest poses.

    Female hurdlers are elite physical specimens, and cameras allow us to capture their full spectrum of athleticism in one single shot.

    Of course, some people have a different technique for getting past the hurdles.

17. Rhythmic Gymnastics Leg Extension

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    This pose can also be seen in figure skating, but I thought it was more impressive to do it while catching and/or throwing a baton.

    I know we're all avid rhythmic gymnastics fans so I won't bore you with the details, but this pose is quite common and, as you can see, quite hot.

16. Golf Follow Through

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    Just like in basketball, in golf a strong follow through is crucial to a great shot. With that in mind, golfers are often told to "hold the follow through" just to make sure that they swing all the way through the ball.

    This has another purpose, however, as it allows photographers to snap a perfect shot right at the culmination of the follow through.

    Some players like Paula Creamer here tend to milk the follow through a little bit to get that cover shot. Not that we're complaining.

15. Shooting Stance

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    There's something unquestionably sexy about a woman with a gun-- especially if she knows how to handle it.

    Female shooters like Jessica Abbate know how to strike that extra hot pose just before they're about to unleash a round on an unsuspecting target.

    As long as the gun's pointed away from us, we enjoy every minute. 

14. Softball Pitching Motion

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    Softball players get a bad rap when it comes to hotness. While some softball players are on the stockier side, there are lots of them that deserve to be in the conversation with the hottest athletes around.

    One of these is Jennie Finch, who shows us here how the softball pitching motion, at the perfect point, can be one of the hottest poses in sports.




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13. Fosbury Flop

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    Named after American high jumper Dick Fosbury, this position is one of the more awkward poses in sports, so it's remarkable that female athletes manage to look so good doing it.

    Then again, Croatian Blanka Vlasic would probably look good doing anything.

    Of course, not all women are quite as graceful.




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12. Golf Crouch

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    Before taking a shot in golf, it's imperative that you know how the ball is going to react on the surface.

    That's why it is often necessary to get as low to the ground as possible so that you can survey the topography of the lie.

    When guys do this, we cut away to someone else. When women do it, it's must see tv.

11. Balance Beam Splits

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    No event showcases a gymnast's athleticism and grace quite like the balance beam. It is remarkable that the gymnasts can even stand on a 4-inch wide beam, let alone perform the unimaginable tricks that they do.

    The most impressive of these is the full upside down splits while holding the beam with your hands. Not only does it take balance, but it also takes an incredible amount of strength.

    Alicia Sacramone does it well here, but of course we already know all about her strength.

10. Rest

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    An underrated part of any sport is the rest period. Kobe gets taken out at the end of the third quarter so that he can play the fourth. A major league pitcher uses the time when his team is batting to catch his breath.

    In sports like track there is a lot of down time between events, so it is important for athletes to plan their rest appropriately.

    Here we see Paraguayan javelin thrower Leryn Franco taking her rest very seriously. And she looks good doing it.

9. Billiards Bend

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    When lining up a shot in pool, it's essential to get on eye level of the table so that you can see the exact angle at which you need to strike the ball.

    Fortunately for us, when hot player like Jeanette Lee line up their shots sometimes they survey them for a loooong time.

    This is one sport where we never complain about the athletes taking too long.

8. Cheerleader Kick

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    Even if you don't think cheerleading is a sport, cheerleaders are usually present at sporting events so this counts.

    It's rarer in the pro ranks, but cheerleaders get to showcase their athletic ability while supporting the team they love so much.

    The cheerleader kick has been around since the dawn of cheerleading. I'm not sure how it evolved or why it is so ubiquitous, but we're certainly not complaining.

7. Ice Skating Split Jump

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    Ice skating is difficult. You have to combine dance and gymnastics, all the while trying to slide around on razor blades.

    That's why this move is so impressive. For one, you have to figure out how to jump in the air off of skates and somehow spread your legs to an impossible angle. Then after that you have to land without breaking your ankle and falling on your face.

6. The Stokke Pose

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    I'm sure this pose has existed for thousands of years dating back to the first Ancient Olympic Games in Greece in 776 BC, but it was popularized by a young woman named Allison Stokke.

    Only pole vaulters know the reasoning behind it, but this pose provides much needed strength and confidence to the vaulter.

    This pose has been statistically shown to add at least 3-5 inches to a pole vault. We're still waiting on the Sports Science study to air on ESPN.

5. Tennis Skirt Suppression

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    Another problem with the tennis skirt is that it tends to get caught in the wind and blow upwards. Well, it's a problem for the player, not the fans.

    This can be quite annoying, especially when a player is getting ready to serve and needs total concentration.

    That's where this pose comes in. With one hand holding the racket, she has to somehow use her other hand to push the skirt down and make sure it stays down until the point is over.

    It's the pinnacle of athleticism.

4. Golf Stretch

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    As an athlete it's important to limber up. If you jump into an athletic competition with unstretched muscles, you seriously increase the likelihood of injury.

    With that in mind, most female golfers perform this stretch before taking their warm-up strokes.

    Clearly she's working on the trapezius, deltoid, and lattisimus dorsi muscles, but it leaves the spectators with quite a view.

    She and the audience are both ready to go after this stretch.

3. Volleyball Signals

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    Some very wise baseball player a long time ago decided that the best way to convey the manager's wishes to the players was by running through a series of pre-determined hand signals.

    It was a resounding success and made its way into other sports, most importantly volleyball.

    Although the volleyball players found that turning to each other and running through a series of arm swipes and forehead touches wasn't very efficient. They needed a way to give signals to each other without turning around.

    One day (presumably) a player said to the other: "Why don't I just signal the numbers on my butt?"

    And thus, history was made.

2. Placing Golf Ball on Tee

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    You have to do it on every hole, so you might as well get good at it. Placing the ball on the tee is a fine art that can mean the success or failure of a shot.

    The tee placement and depth is crucial, and as pro golfer Anna Rawson demonstrates, there is a particular technique that will ensure perfection.

    I believe the high heels are optional, but I'll have to look into it.



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1. Surfing Carve

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    I love any sport where the female competitors wear bikinis and people think nothing of it. Surfing is another extremely difficult sport, but it happens to contain a disproportionate amount of hot athletes.

    Surfers have their own lingo, and what most people would call a turn in the regular world is called "carving" in the surfing world.

    Here's a list of other surfing terminology in case you run into a hot surfer like Alana Blanchard and don't want to sound like a geek. If she mentions chowder, she's not talking about a creamy clam soup.