Say What?!? Toronto Maple Leafs Vol. I

A KCorrespondent IOctober 9, 2008

Leafs Nation are you ready?!? The road to the Stanley Cup has begun, and our Leafs have already disposed of the former, and the predicted to be champs, the Detroit Red Wings.

Does this make us "the kind of Stanley Cup champions" until another team beats Detroit?

In the Leafs Season opener the scoffers and doubters, one might even call them masochists, readied themselves to delight in the train wreck that was suppose to be the Toronto Maple Leafs or Maple Laughs as they call them.

Well my fellow Leafs fans, it was us the ol' Leafs faithful that had the last laugh on this years season opener, and what an opener it was. We witnessed the birth of Nikolai "Dangles" Kulemin, Luke "The Human Eraser" Schenn, and Mikhail "Berezin The Better" Grabovski.

To paraphrase Ron Wilson, he stated that what he tells the media differs from what he tells the team, well now we know what he's telling them, in fact we can now assume that they are two opposite messages. He probably found an inspiring quote in the "Toronto Maple Leafs Coaches of The Past Diary", and read aloud as it went something like this:

"This is the best team I have ever coached, and I guarantee that we will make the playoffs and compete for the Stanley Cup." And now that that statement has aged like a fine wine, the class of 2008-09 are rightly embellishing it.

Well I say, "Cheers boys, drink up and be merry!" because there's always time for a hangover in the 2009-10 NHL Season.