Cesc Fabregas Puts Another Nail in Arsene Wenger's Coffin of Ideals

Samuel MensahAnalyst IApril 20, 2011

LONDON, ENGLAND - FEBRUARY 23:  Arsene Wenger (R) manager of Arsenal looks on as Cesc Fabregas (L) of Arsenal leaves the pitch injured during the Barclays Premier League match between Arsenal and Stoke City at the Emirates Stadium on February 23, 2011 in London, England.  (Photo by Shaun Botterill/Getty Images)
Shaun Botterill/Getty Images

The Premier League is without doubt one of the craziest leagues in the world. If it's not the media, the players, the fans or the teams, it will most definitely be the results.

The latest being Man United drawing a blank against Newcastle on Tuesday night to leave Arsenal still sniffing at their heels like a police dog in customs.

But was that result really that unpredictable at all? It is safe to say that whoever picks up the BPL trophy has perhaps tried their best, in 38 games, to give it away.

Manchester United have been far from their best all season and yet Arsenal still seem scared to acknowledge that it is okay to win things every now and then.

Chelsea must be kicking themselves and as for City, they must be licking their lips at the prospect of obviously being better next season, whilst the opposition run using their heels.

Being an Arsenal fan, I feel very ill thinking of the prospect of a trophy-less season, especially when this may have been our best and last chance to stamp our badge back into the history books.

Last summer was perhaps one of the biggest anti-climaxes, when I realised that Arsene Wenger had decided that the problems that had been staring the Arsenal squad in the face for half a decade were of no real concern to him.

Wenger refused to buy a new keeper, believing his squad of dud keepers would do a job for him. Guess what? They never did. Instead, they cost Arsenal pride, points and not to mention trophies.

Wenger's reluctance to buy proven premiership calibre is astonishing, especially when the faith he shows on some of his squad has never been repaid. All they have done is add a nice layer of egg to his face every season.

Okay, so fine, you cannot change the past. The best thing to do is to move forward with these players you so adore and to make sure that everyone of them will be singing from the same hymn sheet.

Perhaps Wenger can do that thing Ferguson does? Rally the troops, us against them, back against the wall spiel.

Wrong. He cannot do any of that and I don't imagine it to be his style. Okay, so maybe the players have a strong enough mentality and belief that they will fight to win and fight for a manager who has given them the biggest stage in the world on which to perform. Wrong again.

Wenger has surrounded himself with disloyal players who do not know what it is to play for Arsenal. Do not have any ties to it. All they know is they are playing football and are getting paid, but they do not know what for.

Well, whose fault is this, I hear you ask? Blame can only point at the door of one. The same one who will have even more excuses than you can imagine to throw back at you.

You know you are in trouble when your very own captain does not want to play for you and says this, "If you went to Spain and said to Guardiola, Mourinho or Unai Emery that they would have three years without winning a trophy, it would be obvious they would not continue [at their clubs]."

Fabregas goes on to say, "Here it is different, the manager is intelligent and the club value different things: that the team is always in the Champions League, that we compete until the end, that we have young players, economic stability.

"For the board, this is important. But I imagine there will be a moment when you have to decide: do you win things or not?"

Now any fans who have decided to be blinkered by Wenger are getting words from not only a player of the team but Wenger's very own hand-picked captain. Does this not ring major alarm bells?

He goes on to say, "When I started here, we won the cup [2005] and got to the Champions League Final[2006]." "But from 2007 on, I started to say, 'We don't win but we play very well' and after that, you realise it doesn't work."

He talks about the lack of "reference points" this team have due to Wenger's letting go of players.

He says,"I was in a winning team and it was impressive. You felt that if you had a bad game, nothing happened because your team mates helped you. Now a lot has changed, and I am the man that everyone looks to. I don't like to say it but it is true.

"Only me and Van Persie remain of that generation, and we have a lot of responsibility. Me and Van Persie learned from the best. Now it is different because we are all so young and there is nobody you look at and say: 'Wow'.

"Young players learn from older ones. Before, there were reference points, winning and strong players and playing with them, you learn faster."

Mr. Wenger, look away now. Your own captain is basically telling you that for the last six years, you have gone about your job wrongly.

Not only that, he tells the world media this on the eve of a game against your North London rivals, Spurs, to still have a chance of winning the Premiership.

I think it is safe to say Wenger is in a scary place and the only thing that will save his reputation is to win this league. I believe he does not deserve to win it. He does not listen or take advice, and he is a bad loser.

These are not the ingredients champions are made of. It has seeped into his team, and they are now the mirror image of him: weak, feeble and out of ideas.

The board will not sack him that is for sure, but will the fans finally get the last word if Wenger does not buy the right players for next season.

Once again, the fans will have to wait another year to find out.