Dodger-Phillies: L.A. Blues

Billy MulliganContributor IOctober 9, 2008

In a night that saw the Dodgers jump on the Phillies early—it seemed like the Philadelphia bats would never wake up—Derek Lowe pitched a masterpiece for five innings, keeping everything true to his name...low.  

The play that swung the momentum of the game came in the sixth inning, when Shane Victorinio hit a routine groundball to Rafael Furcal. The Dodger shortstop fielded the ball but was forced to rush the throw due to Victorino's speed. 

The ball pulled James Loney off first base and went off his glove. Victorino advanced to second on the error.

Of the six hits Lowe would give up, there are only two he would want back. A fastball-sinker to a kid who grew up a diehard Dodger fan—Chase Utley—and a gift-wrapped early birthday present to Pat Burrell.

Cole Hamels only got stronger as the game went on. He went seven innings, gave up two runs on six hits and had eight strikeouts. Of Hamels' 105 pitches, 70 were strikes. 

The Phillies then handed the ball to Ryan Madson and eventually Brad Lidge to close out the game for the win.

Manny Ramirez was virtually irrelevant after the first inning. He would finish the night with two hits and one RBI.

The final score was 3-2 in favor of the boys from Philly.

In a hard-fought battle, the more complete team won in the end. 

The Phillies have a good starting rotation, a great bullpen, and a lineup that can bring the long ball like few other teams in the league.

This loss will hurt the Los Angeles Dodgers...bad. Let's see if they can recover.