WWE Greats: The 50 Most Intimidating Male Wrestlers in WWE History

Josh Logan@@IAMCalamityAnalyst IApril 20, 2011

WWE Greats: The 50 Most Intimidating Male Wrestlers in WWE History

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    Thank you for coming and taking part in the conversation topic of who are the Top 50 WWE most intimidating male wrestlers.

    The WWE has been around for a long time. It has gone from the WWWF, to the WWF, to WWE, to the WWE.

    So in that time period the WWE has seen a large number of intimidating Superstars.

    These 50 men are the most intimidating superstars the WWE has ever seen.

    There has been a lot of discussion about this topic and because of this discussion I decided to change the criteria of how I judged these men.

    All Superstars have been judged on their Size (Height and Weight), Wrestling Ability (What they can do inside of a wrestling ring), Nickname/Gimmick (How intimidating their nickname or gimmick was), Legacy (Championships and Lasting legacy), and Physique (Strength and Overall look).

    There have been some changes so here is the original Top 50, you can compare and contrast the Superstars and let me know if you think the list has improved or become worse.

    The Top 50 Intimidating Wrestlers (Before the changes, the changes are in the following pages)

    No. 50 - Big Daddy V
    No. 49 - Dan Severn
    No. 48 - Steve Williams
    No. 47 - Kurt Angle
    No. 46 - Bob Backlund
    No. 45 - Harley Race
    No. 44 - Mr. Perfect
    No. 43 - Rhyno
    No. 42 - Diesel
    No. 41 - Demolition Smash
    No. 40 - Demolition Ax
    No. 39 - Demolition Crush
    No. 38 - Ron Simmons
    No. 37 - JBL
    No. 36 - Mick Foley
    No. 35 - Earthquake
    No. 34 - (Vacant)
    No. 33 - Terry Funk
    No. 32 - Sgt. Slaughter
    No. 31 - George "The Animal" Steele
    No. 30 - Yokozuna
    No. 29 - Umaga
    No. 28 - Psycho Sid
    No. 27 - Scott Steiner
    No. 26 - King Kong Bundy
    No. 25 - Dean Malenko
    No. 24 - Bob Holly
    No. 23 -  Jim "The Anvil" Neidhart
    No. 22 - Kane
    No. 21 - Big John Studd
    No. 20 - The Iron Sheik
    No. 19 - The Big Boss Man
    No. 18 - Arn Anderson
    No. 17 - Road Warrior Animal
    No. 16 - Road Warrior Hawk
    No. 15 - Chris Benoit
    No. 14 - Vader
    No. 13 - Mad Dog Vachon
    No. 12 - Killer Kowalski
    No. 11 - Goldberg
    No. 10 - Batista
    No. 09 - Triple H
    No. 08 - "Stone Cold" Steve Austin
    No. 07 - Hulk Hogan
    No. 06 - Bam Bam Bigelow
    No. 05 - Brock Lesnar
    No. 04 - The Undertaker
    No. 03 - The Sheik
    No. 02 - Bruno Sammartino
    No. 01 - Andre "The Giant"

    I appologize if pictures are not correct.  I am working on fixing this.

50) the Big Boss Man

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49) Yokozuna

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48) Rhyno

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47) Randy Orton

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46) Mad Dog Vachon

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45) Bob Backlund

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44) Diesel

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    He is big and he is cool.

    He is Big Daddy Cool and he has intimidated many men on the WWE roster.

    Except for Taker.

    If he had more of a lasting legacy and could do more inside the wrestling ring Diesel could easily be top 20.

43) Ron Simmons

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    Did you just question Ron Simmons intimidating factors.


42) Jim "The Anvil" Neidhart

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    He was trained in the Dungeon.  His nick name is "The Anvil" and he is the most powerful member of the Hart Foundation.

    He is an enforcer and is needed to be feared. 

41) Mankind

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    Another strange creation from the mind of Mick Foley.

    If it were not for Have a Nice Day and Mr. Socko Mankind might be a lot higher up this list, but once The Rock and Sock connection happened and the deranged monster became a fan favorite, his intimidation stock dropped exponentially.

40) Earthquake

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    For a man who kayfably made Hulk Hogan bleed eternally with three consecutive sitting splashes, I think that alone is quality to make this list.

    Let alone the dominance he had when he was combined with Typhoon.

39) Ken Shamrock

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    He's the Worlds Most Dangerous Man.

    He might break your ankle for looking at him strangely.

38) Kurt Angle

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    It's Damn True!

37) George "The Animal" Steele

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    For a man who eats turnbuckles, has a green tongue and is willing to bite off your face, I think we have enough information to see his intimidation factors.

36) Arn Anderson

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    If intimidating doesn't really make you shiver when you hear Double A Arn Anderson, then maybe the word tough fits the mold.

    He was a bruiser and when he wrestled with Oley he would destroy people.

    He was a member of the four horsemen and was the enforcer of the group.

35) Dean Malenko

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    The man of 1000 moves.

    I think that is enough said.

34) King Kong Bundy

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    King Kong Bundy is intimidating.

    He was a destroyer of men.

    He even headlined a WrestleMania with Hogan.

    He is a man who needs no introduction or explanation.

33) Batista

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    Cue the music.  Cue the pyro.

    Unleash "The Animal"!

    Batista is intimidating by the lengths he is willing to go to destroy you.

    Not to mention the rest of his qualities.

32) the Big Show

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    By popular demand, The Big Show makes the list.

    His size alone is scary, then you see what he can do with it.

    His character has gone from dominating to the butt of people's jokes.

    But no one can deny he is intimidating.

31) Mr. Perfect

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    He is perfection personified.

    Everything he did, he was the best at.

    If his perfection wasn't intimidating enough, his skill in the ring was enough to put him on this list.

30) Sgt. Slaughter

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    The Cobra Clutch was a dominating maneuver.

    Sgt. Slaughter lived up to his name and slaughtered his opponents with how he dissected them.

29) Big John Studd

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    He is a big bad man.

    His heel days were very intimidating and he even wrestled intimidating guys.

    His strength alone was intimidating, and then you saw his ability.

28) Psycho Sid

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    His name is Psycho Sid for goodness sake.

    What else do you need?

    His size was crazy, his ability was intimidating, and if you ask Arn Anderson he is a son of a bitch.

27) the Iron Sheik

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    Have you ever found yourself in a Camel Clutch?

    Have you ever had a man with a spiked boot kick you in your side?

    If you have answered yes, it was most likely The Iron Sheik who was doing it to you.

    He was a bad bad man, who was willing to pick apart his opponents to get to the top.

26) Goldberg

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    When that smoke began to pour out and that music hit, the whole arena arupted.

    He was intimidating in his look, attitude, and physical ability.

    Not only just that, but he was intimidating because he could hurt you bad in the ring.  That's not a compliment.

25) Shawn Michaels

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    Oh I know, he's not really intimidating...

    But, if he's not intimidating then why is he so respected.

    If he is not feared, why is his moniker Mr. WrestleMania!

    I know he doesn't have size, but his super kick, his legacy, his overall ability is more than enough to scare you when you step into the ring with Shawn Michaels.

24) Sabu

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    The Homicidal, Suicidal, Genocidal...Sabu!

    He follows in the footsteps of those who came before him.

    His matches with Cactus Jack, Tazz, and Terry Funk are incredibly intimidating to watch.

    He was willing to kill himself to kill you.

    If that doesn't make you pee a little, I don't know what will.

23) Cactus Jack

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    Mick Foley's Cactus Jack character was a breed of it's own.

    Not only is the character intimidating by what he is willing to do to you, but he is intimidating by what he will let you do to him.

    He's been blown up, impaled, has blown up and impaled, and overall was ruthless.

    Bang! Bang!

22) Chris Benoit

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    All personal feelings of malice aside, Chris Benoit was a very intimidating man.

    His finishing move was dominating.  He was willing to drive his head into your sternum.

    He would do anything to destroy your body in hopes of winning a match.

    He was truly a bad man.  I'm just sad to say he really was a bad man.

21) Killer Kowalski

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    He is the first man to ever pin Andre "The Giant" in North America.

    With that being said, he is also the man who broke Hulk Hogan's leg during training to see if Hogan was willing to come back and keep going.

    Kowalski was a very intimidating figure in his day and you never knew what he was going to do to you once you stepped into the ring with him.

20) JBL

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    Not only was he intimidating as Bradshaw, during his time in the APA and the Acolytes, but he was intimidating that he is the longest running Champion in the WWE era of the company.

    He could beat you down with his words or with his body.

17, 18, 19) Demolition

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    This will be an argued point, but Demolition was a very intimidating team.

    Mainly their gimmick was intimidating, but when you look at their matches and how they handled themselves in the ring, as well as how long their name has lasted since they've gone away...

    They are an intimidating force in the wrestling world.

15, 16) the Road Warriors

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    If you need an explanation as to why the Legion of Doom is on this list then please stop reading and go on with your life.

    They are not only the most dominating Tag Team in wrestling history, but they not only intimidated in looks, but also in what they could do to you in the ring.

14) the Sheik

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    For a man who carried a spike to the ring with the sole purpose of it going into his opponents skull, many people do not remember him as intimidating.

    That is to say if they even know who he is.

    This man trained Sabu and Rob Van Damm.  He also was one of the most, if not the most violent wrestler ever.

    Go watch some matches of the original Sheik and see why he is so intimidating.

13) Umaga

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    Via Samoa!

    Umaga was a great wrestler.  He was an agile big man who had a character that was over the top.

    His "lack of language" was a great intimidation factor as well as his ruthlessness.

    Though many disagree that the Samoan Spike is an intimidating move, let someone drive a heavily taped thumb into your throat and come back and talk to me.

    Eddie "Umaga" Fatu will live on as an intimidating man in my memory.

12) Scott Steiner

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    Big Poppa Punp went from being an amateur wrestling background, Tag Team competitor to The Genetic Freak.

    He was intimidating with his brother Rick as a Tag competitor, but when he drifted off on his own he became even more intimidating.

    He is truly a bad man.

11) Bam Bam Bigelow

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    The Beast from the East, Bam Bam Bigelow is one bad man.

    He was one of the most feared men to come from ECW and had some of the most stroied matches there.

    In the WWE he was a feared opponent.  He had some faltering points with Lawrence Taylor, but looking at where LT is now...

    Bam Bam is still intimidating.

10) Terry Funk

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    The most iconic hardcore wrestler ever.

    He has put on the most brutal and most legendary matches, both technically and extreme.

    Once you've been to Funk University you don't ever walk away the same.

9) Vader

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    Big Van Vader!

    For one of the most brutalizing Superstars to ever grace a WWE ring the top ten is the only place he can be.

    Some people will say he should be number one on this list.

    He is the epitome of intimidation.

8) "Stone Cold" Steve Austin

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    Austin is intimidating for the fact that he doesn't give a bleepidy bleep about anything.  He will Stunner you faster than a muskrat frying on a skillet.

    He is intimidating and if you don't think so, watch the kids on Tough Enough piss themselves every Monday before RAW.

7) Hulk Hogan

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    His name alone will strike up a conversation in any country across the globe and it will also make grown men reminiscent to a time before computers.

    Hulk Hogan has done some incredible things in his career and because of that he is intimidating.

    His looks might not get you intimidated, but his actions sure will.

6) Triple H

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    The Cerebral Assassin has intimidated every opponent he has ever faced.

    He not only intimidates with his skill, but also with his sadisticness.

    The Game always comes ready to play.

5) Bruno Sammartino

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    A living legend of the WWE.  He is the longest reigning WWE Champion ever.

    He held the Title for years and intimidated every competitor who tried to take it away from him.

    You knew when you stepped into the ring with Bruno Sammartino he was going to walk out victorious.

4) Kane

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    As soon as that Organ plays and The Big Red Machine walks down the isle to blow off the tops of the ring posts, every person in the arena needs to make sure they didn't just pee a little.

    Kane is a monster who has made his way through the WWE and has been intimidating from the first day he arrived.

3) the Undertaker

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    With a streak of 19-0 at WrestleMania how can anyone say that The Undertaker is not an intimidating Superstar?

    The Last Outlaw has ruled the ring for the last twenty years and has been considered the most intimidating person of his decades in the wrestling business.

    There have been times where he has not been intimidating, but the times that he was, no man from his era, except for number one, was more intimidating.

2) Andre "The Giant"

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    His size alone sends him straight to this list.  No man has come close to his height and size within the ring.

    Then add into it his Legacy as well as what he was able to do when he was young and healthy, you have one intimidating man.

    Who cares if he was french?

    Who cares if he barely made it through WrestleMania 3?

    This man is deserving of this spot and was the most intimidating and dominate Superstar of his time.

1) Brock Lesnar

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    And this brings us to No. 1...

    Brock Lesnar...

    He scored the highest total amount of points for intimidation combined.

    His size and physique alone are intimidating, just ask any of his MMA combatants, but also his in-ring abilities, his next big thing gimmick, and his lasting legacy of what he has done in the WWE have made him the most intimidating man in WWE history.